Adding to the Collection

Rarely do I mention my wild dreams of being an artist because in reality I don't have a single successful brushstroke in me. No, I've even had a teacher fail me for my many visible brush strokes.

So instead I study and collect.

Our weekend in Asheville just happened to coincide with their annual Village Art and Craft Fair. For years, this has been a favorite event of mine. There's always someone who stands out. And this year did not disappoint. This year, I couldn't say no.

Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, 
and hidden that will not be known. Matthew 10:26

I liked the painting, yet wandered away not quite sold. Then I was told its story, referencing the scripture inspiring the painting. That's all it took. I was sold. 

Add it to the collection. 


  1. It's stunning. I love the colors. I actually attended an art academy for two years! Follow your dreams mama. I'm sure you could create something of beauty; even if for your own wall.

  2. SO lovely! :D I couldn't walk away from that either! Thanks so much for stopping by Me + the Moon! Hope you'll stop by and link up with us for Find + Follow Friday :D We'd love to have you!

    -Nicole @

  3. It's beautiful, love all the colors.

  4. I'm new here. ;) Hi! I LOVE that painting. It's amazing.


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