All About The Eyes

In our world, every little thing is actually a big thing. I think this is just something that comes along with being a mom. It's the mama bear in us. While we attempt to juggle it all, there are often things that fall to the side. It happens, we're human. 

As a mama to a Toddler, most of my days are spent partaking in Jackson's rapid learning development. He points as he looks around taking in all the items, which leaves me wondering what he's really seeing. Every book we read produces new sounds, words, expressions and tones. 

Did you know 80 percent of what we learn is through our eyes? Our little ones can even have an eye exam as young as six months old.  

Oh man, those sweet, still-blue six-month eyes.
Just imagine them as 16-year-old eyes. Wait, don't. That's too much for this mama heart. 

I've worn glasses since my teenage days, my parents wear glasses, my in-laws wear glasses. It kind of seems inevitable, which just gives me more incentive to have Jackson's eye-care kept up-to-date. 

Undetected vision conditions negatively impact learning in 1 of 4 kids. Whoa! And although the schools typically conduct exams, they don't produce the same level of results as comprehensive eye exams.

Which means this guy? 

Needs the most adequate eye care available. You know, so he can be the smartest in the class. 
Mamas, add it to the back-to-school list: eye exams. 

A quick search with VSP Vision Care revealed plenty of VSP doctors in our area. Really, the list of options went on forever. Search your area here. Now there's officially no excuse not to take the kiddos in for a look. Plus, you know you're overdue for an exam too. 

Just think how many times over you read that one favorite book to your toddler...Yeah, let's make it count. 

Visit SeeMuchMore for more information about VSP and vision care benefits. I was selected for this post by Clever Girls Collective, and all opinions expressed are my own.