Because Letters Are Fun

Dear Football Season, you are so close I can basically smell you in the air!

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Dear New Followers, I am beyond excited you're here. My little GFC widget has multiplied in numbers this month and for that I'm thankful. Not just because the number has gone up, but because I already see many of you commenting regularly. And that, makes my blogger heart happy.

Dear Jackson, my sweet, sweet baby. I hate that you're suffering yet another ear infection. But this, my love, deserves its own post.

Dear Blog, holy cow do I have a million posts in draft. There's just so much going on lately that I'm having a hard time gathering all the thoughts and preparing the words properly. Exciting things in the works little blog, exciting things!

Dear Budget, we're considering a Dave Ramsey program. Thoughts?

Dear Baby Fever,  you sure as hell are hanging on for dear life. I don't appreciate it.

Dear Life, as people say, you have your ups and downs. It's a funny ride this journey. As I find myself on the brink of a quarter-life crisis I can't help but wrack my brain with what-ifs and what-cans...

Dear Husband, you are great. No, you're better than that. Lately I've been reminiscing on our early days. You know, the honeymoon phase, which coincidentally were before we even got married. We were so carefree then.

Dear Life, even though I complain often, you've blessed me in so many ways.

Dear Friday, as always, you da best!


  1. Thursday, August 30 -- LA Tech (our actual alma mater) vs. TX A&M (new SEC boys) -- it begins!!

  2. I am about to go NUTS waiting for football season! Some friends are meeting to watch our kickoff game next weekend. Don't know anything personally about the Dave Ramsey thing, but is he the "envelope system" guy? My husband and I use an app which allows you to create virtual envelopes on your phone so you can "see" your spending, and it has kept us in check. Very helpful. I wrote about it below if you're interested. Happy Friday!

  3. yes! so excited for football season myself! i just started following you a week or 2 ago and am loving all your photos. Happy week-end!

  4. Hey! I am awarding you the Most Versatile Blogger Award. Basically it is a pass the love blog. It was given to me by a fellow blogger and now I am giving it to you because I LOVE your blog. You can check out this post for tall the information:

    Have a great weekend!

    Sarah @ Our Family of Three

  5. I'm also SOOOO excited for football season! Yay!

    My husband did Dave Ramsey when he was single and had gotten into some credit card debt. He works in finance too so he knows a lot about the different types of debt repayment programs and things like that. He's a HUGE fan of the program, but said that it's tough and definitely requires a LOT of dedication. It worked well for him though.

  6. I hope that fever breaks soon! :( never fun!!! Found you from the hop! Following you :)

  7. We stared Dave Ramsey budget in January. We have gone off of it a few times but then feel guilty and get right back on it. We are now buying a house and only have two more credit cards to tackle

  8. I can't say I share your feelings on football - I'm personally waiting for hockey season! A but I've heard some amazing things about the Dave Ramsey program. I'd love to hear how it goes for you it you decide to give it a try!

  9. YAY for college football!!! Go Ducks :)

  10. This is my first visit to your blog. You had me at "Roll Tide"! Haha. I'm so looking forward to football season, too. Rammer Jammer, Give 'em... well, you know the rest. =)

  11. I am a new follower would love a follow back at

  12. Your blog is so cute! You deserve lots of followers. I found your sweet blog at the blog hop on The Sasse Life. I'm now following you Via GFC and Linky. I would love it if you would come visit me.
    I hope you have a great day.
    Rose @

  13. Sorry about the Linky. I thought I saw it in your sidebar. I'm defiantly following along and I can't wait to poke around your blog a little more.

  14. We're excited for football too! and FALL!!!! Love your blog, I found you via the blog hope on Sasse Life... I have followed you GFC.
    Would love to have you stop by my blog :)

  15. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for following along with the first ever ‘Friday Chaos’. Hope you come back again next week.

    I have just reached my first milestone on my blog and I’m hosting a mini give away be sure to stop by and check it out!

    Look forward to seeing you again next week.

    Lotte xoxo

  16. I've heard many good things about the Dave Ramsey program, and have had family members go through it. Thankfully my husband and I established a pretty healthy budget as soon as we got married...but we're most likely going to have to tighten up a bit since he's starting grad school now!


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