Everything Changes

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As mothers, we're documenters.  In turn, we pride ourselves on monthly updates throughout the first years of our children's lives. And without fail, every month is proclaimed the favorite and every milestone the greatest yet.

But a day will come when you miss an update. Trust me, it happens. Your mom guilt will overtake you body and soul. Mom guilt is a funny thing that way. Something as simple as a monthly post pulls at your heart as if you'd failed him a million times over.

Can I be honest?

When the day actually arrives, I've blinked and an entire month has passed. The many memorable highlights of the last thirty days have faded into a blur of past and present and the few notes I jotted down don't seem to do the time justice.

Take for instance the pre-second-haircut Jackson above. His second 4th of July was spent playing at the pool followed by some running around the yard. Oh and that outfit, the one he only wore once (like most of his closet).

Somehow, that day, that month, has changed him. I've blinked and that shaggy-haired kid has grown, accomplished and loved in ways that are vastly different than the months before.

Christmas cause-and-effect toys. Check.
Growth Spurt. Check. 
Adding to the vocabulary. Check. {dog, ball, bowl, trash}
Displaying genuine emotional connections to people and places. Check.

Seemingly similar cycles of months do not exist anymore. Even the minuscule second when he smiles or laughs with a new inflection changes who he is. It changes who I am as a mother. 

Much like when, out of the blue, Jackson started chanting "Yah!" in the deepest toddler voice known to man. Brandon and I took a quick look at each other then proceeded to die laughing. This hint of a deep voice has continued all month. And while he still hits those high notes like a champ, his voice has grown. I literally hear my baby becoming a boy. 

Layers deeper than the various milestones in monthly updates, we attempt to capture the empowering love of our child. Not the love for our child, but truly his love of us, of life, of family and even of his silly four-legged friends.

It's a profound love, rooting itself further into our hearts each month through change.