1) Roses from the Hubs on our anniversary. 
2) One of the many beautiful views on our anniversary trip to Asheville, which I've yet to share. 
3) The Toddler admiring Dad as he mows the lawn. He kind of loves him. 
4) The Toddler Bed Transition. Don't worry, this is its very own post. 
5) Well, it's hard to see in this photo, but this sweet blog of mine hit a milestone, 400 Followers. Woo Hoo! Welcome, new friends! 
6) This is what a Toddler looks like when they're experiencing sleep regression. 
7) Due to the sleep regression, mama sent said Toddler to Grandma's and slept in later than ever! 
8) We had a much needed date night. 
9) Currently Happening: Shopping Spree aka new shoes.

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