Letters. Links. Love.

Dear August, you have officially been dubbed a marathon. No. Make that a triathlon.
I'm going to need a vacation by September 1. Although, I bet a seriously long nap would do.

Dear Millie {aka most spoiled dog ever}, quit shedding. I would pay a million dollars for you to quit shedding! Please and thank you.

Dear creative mamas, thank you for keeping me inspired. Must.make.this.fabric-word-art. Must. 

Dear BlogHer 12 recaps, ditto. The inspiration is contagious. See you at BlogHer 13. {Right Sarah?!}

Dear Christmas, I'm genuinely thinking of you on a semi-daily basis. I blame Lil' Luna's Christmas in July series for my current fixation.

Dear Plain Chicken, I love your recipes. And this? I've been drooling over all week.
King Ranch Mac&Cheese.

Dear new readers, I'm glad to see many new faces around here. Don't be shy, say hello!

Dear 16-month-old Jackson, I've just realized I still haven't posted your photos from 4th of July much less a monthly update. Oops. 

Dear self, your baby has changed dramatically in the last month. Hang on to these moments.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking about Christmas.....I'm pinning all types of red and green lately.

  2. Oh man, I'm not quite thinking about Christmas yet....but I am thinking about Fall! I am so ready for summer to be over so I can wear jeans and boots!

  3. I'm also thinking about Christmas already! And I am also expecting August to be a marathon. Hopefully it's a fast marathon!!

  4. 1) BLOGHER!!!!! Ok, can't wait! It makes me so excited that I'll get to hug you IRL. I wish Jack and Evie could come. You know they'd be instant buddies! Although I don't know if the world could handle that.much.cute. in one room together!

    2) Forget Christmas I am couting DOWN until SEC football (Please let us have a better year this year. Please. Please. Let Dooley's impeccable hair pull off a winning season)!!!

  5. Just found your blog and am a big fan! I'm a South Carolina girl too (but living in GA at the moment) Can't wait to follow your story! :)

  6. Ok so I totally want to go to a blog conference. The whole thing would be super intimidating to me and my little space of blogland but then I could meet you! And Sarah! and lots of other awesome faces!!!


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