Letters. Links. Love.

Dear August, you have officially been dubbed a marathon. No. Make that a triathlon.
I'm going to need a vacation by September 1. Although, I bet a seriously long nap would do.

Dear Millie {aka most spoiled dog ever}, quit shedding. I would pay a million dollars for you to quit shedding! Please and thank you.

Dear creative mamas, thank you for keeping me inspired. Must.make.this.fabric-word-art. Must. 

Dear BlogHer 12 recaps, ditto. The inspiration is contagious. See you at BlogHer 13. {Right Sarah?!}

Dear Christmas, I'm genuinely thinking of you on a semi-daily basis. I blame Lil' Luna's Christmas in July series for my current fixation.

Dear Plain Chicken, I love your recipes. And this? I've been drooling over all week.
King Ranch Mac&Cheese.

Dear new readers, I'm glad to see many new faces around here. Don't be shy, say hello!

Dear 16-month-old Jackson, I've just realized I still haven't posted your photos from 4th of July much less a monthly update. Oops. 

Dear self, your baby has changed dramatically in the last month. Hang on to these moments.