On Feeding a Toddler

In the mind of a toddler, feeding time is a happy yet trying time.

One day carrots are edible gold. The next day they're best used for finger painting.
Waffles, a favorite breakfast, have been added to the "must feed dog" list.

In the mind of a toddler, sometimes the best food is simply a fruit pouch.
Who are we kidding, in the mind of this toddler, there is no better creation on earth than the fruit pouch.

Only a Godsend like the fruit pouch can bring said toddler back from the brink of tantrum central.

The sheer joy 4 oz brings to this sweet babe is darling. 
But wait, even the fruit pouch has its moments...like when he realizes it's empty.

Keeping up with the feeding demands of a toddler mind is exhausting. 

Thank God for fruit pouches. 

And Wednesdays.