On Feeding a Toddler

In the mind of a toddler, feeding time is a happy yet trying time.

One day carrots are edible gold. The next day they're best used for finger painting.
Waffles, a favorite breakfast, have been added to the "must feed dog" list.

In the mind of a toddler, sometimes the best food is simply a fruit pouch.
Who are we kidding, in the mind of this toddler, there is no better creation on earth than the fruit pouch.

Only a Godsend like the fruit pouch can bring said toddler back from the brink of tantrum central.

The sheer joy 4 oz brings to this sweet babe is darling. 
But wait, even the fruit pouch has its moments...like when he realizes it's empty.

Keeping up with the feeding demands of a toddler mind is exhausting. 

Thank God for fruit pouches. 

And Wednesdays. 


  1. Love the fruit pouch---not the cost, right?! And don't get me started on toddler eating---you just have to roll with the punches right!


  2. He he. Cute. Neither of my boys have really liked those.

    My 4 year old is soooo picky!

  3. Isn't this the truth! What a cutie

  4. I acutally just wrote a a post about the joys of feeding a toddler myself. It can be so hard and some days I just want to pull out my hair. & you are right: fruit pouch equals an amazing gift from above. When all else fails the fruit pouch delivers. Love your blog :) I'm fairly new to your parts! & lastly, your pictures are adorable!

  5. ZOMG!!!!! Where did you get the McQueen pouches????? I need to have that now!!!

  6. Such cute photos. That can't be hard with the cutie infront of the camera though, He is adorable!

  7. So cute!! He is just too adorable!!

  8. He is amazingly cute! I would like to arrange a marriage with my daughter:)
    They can split a fruit pouch for the rest of their lives! LOL!

  9. We haven't tried any of the pouches. But the food part is so true! One minute it's the best, the next.....shed rather throw it on the floor or like today put it in her hair.

  10. hahaha...you are 100% correct with this post!!! those fruit pouches have saved us from complete and total break down in my house on more than one occasion!!!!

  11. OH yes. One day his favorite foods will be his least favorites and the moment I feel like I will surely lose my mind he will finally decide to eat something. *whew* ;)

  12. Found your blog via the blog hop! Now I am following! My daughter is 15 months old and sometimes I think if it weren't for those pouches she would only eat puffs. However, sometimes my daughter likes to watch them explode, as in she squeezes them just to watch them ooze. Ahhhhh!!! If you get a chance I would love it if you stopped by my blog (I'm pretty new at "serious" blogging".

    Sarah @ Our Family of Three

  13. Yes indeed, Wed is one day closer to Friday right? I took a break from those pouches for a while and thought W was too old or something. NAH!! He loves them and gets so excited and hey, if I can sneak in more yummy goodness of fruits and veggies, I'm game!


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