The Not-So Toddler Bed Transition

This happened:

And then, well, it didn't.

Remember our anniversary getaway with a gorgeous view?
You can bet we didn't have The Toddler with us!
Nope, he was left with G-Pa {my Dad} for a couple days.

Over the weekend with his G-Pa, Jackson slept in a toddler bed. I knew of these sleeping arrangements before arriving to my Dad's house, but honestly didn't think it'd really happen. In true mommy fashion, I brought the pack-and-play just in case.

I mean, he's only 17 months old {today}!

To my dismay, G-Pa reported back that he went to sleep with no fuss and didn't wake up until 8 a.m.!
Freaking 8 a.m.?! The kid barely lets us get to 6:15 most mornings!

For Brandon, this was the final sign that Jackson was ready for a Toddler Bed.
Here's his reasoning:

Reason One: Many mornings Jackson wakes up screaming and upset. For a month he had an outright aversion to his entire room. Then that animosity focused in on the crib. 

Reason Two: He sleeps fine on a little cot at daycare AND doesn't even get off of it if he wakes before nap time is over. 

I wasn't convinced though.
My reasoning?

He's just a baby! 
Please just say yes.

Well, the Husband won out. We changed the crib into a toddler bed, got a little bed rail, a pillow and rearranged some furniture. All in hopes, we'd up the appeal level of his room.

And? It worked. It really did! 

By no means was it miraculous; we still had to put in some leg work. Story time lasts a little longer. Mommy or Daddy stick around to rub his back for a minute. And when we slowly walked out of the room a few, "lay back down" reminders were said.

He did good, and my mommy heart was so proud.

Then it's like a flip switched.  He was waking way before the sun, screaming and banging on his door. I was stunned after how well he received the change just days prior.

Cut to a 4 a.m. morning with a screaming Toddler, hormonal crying mama, and a Dad pulling the crib rail down from the attic to drill it back into the bed. Yes, you read that correctly.
Monday morning at 4 a.m. Brandon drilled that sucker back together and BAM no more Toddler Bed.

We now know, our little man has a double ear infection which has left me wondering if it was the Toddler Bed or the ear infection...

Mamas, please chime in below! How old was your Toddler when you transitioned beds? Do you think Jackson's rejection could be his ears?

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