The Not-So Toddler Bed Transition

This happened:

And then, well, it didn't.

Remember our anniversary getaway with a gorgeous view?
You can bet we didn't have The Toddler with us!
Nope, he was left with G-Pa {my Dad} for a couple days.

Over the weekend with his G-Pa, Jackson slept in a toddler bed. I knew of these sleeping arrangements before arriving to my Dad's house, but honestly didn't think it'd really happen. In true mommy fashion, I brought the pack-and-play just in case.

I mean, he's only 17 months old {today}!

To my dismay, G-Pa reported back that he went to sleep with no fuss and didn't wake up until 8 a.m.!
Freaking 8 a.m.?! The kid barely lets us get to 6:15 most mornings!

For Brandon, this was the final sign that Jackson was ready for a Toddler Bed.
Here's his reasoning:

Reason One: Many mornings Jackson wakes up screaming and upset. For a month he had an outright aversion to his entire room. Then that animosity focused in on the crib. 

Reason Two: He sleeps fine on a little cot at daycare AND doesn't even get off of it if he wakes before nap time is over. 

I wasn't convinced though.
My reasoning?

He's just a baby! 
Please just say yes.

Well, the Husband won out. We changed the crib into a toddler bed, got a little bed rail, a pillow and rearranged some furniture. All in hopes, we'd up the appeal level of his room.

And? It worked. It really did! 

By no means was it miraculous; we still had to put in some leg work. Story time lasts a little longer. Mommy or Daddy stick around to rub his back for a minute. And when we slowly walked out of the room a few, "lay back down" reminders were said.

He did good, and my mommy heart was so proud.

Then it's like a flip switched.  He was waking way before the sun, screaming and banging on his door. I was stunned after how well he received the change just days prior.

Cut to a 4 a.m. morning with a screaming Toddler, hormonal crying mama, and a Dad pulling the crib rail down from the attic to drill it back into the bed. Yes, you read that correctly.
Monday morning at 4 a.m. Brandon drilled that sucker back together and BAM no more Toddler Bed.

We now know, our little man has a double ear infection which has left me wondering if it was the Toddler Bed or the ear infection...

Mamas, please chime in below! How old was your Toddler when you transitioned beds? Do you think Jackson's rejection could be his ears?

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  1. My son is almost 20 months old and we still have not transitioned him. I think we might just keep him in his crib until he starts to climb out of it. I agree.. Still babies!!


  2. My son has never been a good sleeper. So I dreaded the transition to the toddler bed. We waited until he was climbing out of his crib (he was about 22 months). It actually has gone better than expected. Of course, we have the occasional off night. The timing couldn't have been better because my daughter is about ready to move out of our room and into his old crib.

  3. With our oldest we didn't put him in a toddler bed until well after 2. The younger one was a different story. He managed to start crawling out at 17 months, ugh! so we put him in a toddler bed (much shorter to the ground from a toddler bed than over a crib railing) it was a much harder transition but we got though it. In your case though, I definitely think the ear infection could be the culprit. Has his animosity towards the crib returned?

  4. Our oldest daughter was almost 4 before she even tried to climb out ( yep, you read that right) I figured if it wasn't broke why fix it? And all of our friends with older kids said, leave her in there as long as you can for your own sake so we listened. And now as soon as the sun is awake, so is she and in our room.

  5. Hi,thanks so much for linking up the Mommy Brain mixer! I definitely think the ear infection has a lot to do with this. He just needs comforting now. Maybe you should try the toddler bed when he's 100% recovered! Best of luck!

  6. It may have been the ear infection for sure. That being said, in general he's on the younger end of when kids transition, at least among my friends! My first son switched around 15 months, because every time we put him in the crib, he screamed with horror and would make himself throw up if we didn't take him out. Claustrophobic, maybe? But we spent many months after with him waking up at night and moving to sleep with us, or on the couch, etc. My second son lasted in his crib until nearly 3, when he figured out how to climb out of it.

  7. Oh man. Glad it went smoothly but sorry it didnt stay that way!

  8. Oh no! I must admit its that funny that he drilled it back into the bed at 4AM...Dada needs his sleep. Luckily we did not have any issues with the transition, C never gets out of his full size bed. But I would guess its probably just his ears. Maybe give it another chance. Good luck :)

  9. Yay for 17 months! Good luck on the transistioning. Hopping over from the Mommy Brain Mixer! I joined your GFC so I don't miss anything. You can find me over @ Have a beautiful day.

  10. My daughter was older (over 2) before we tried a toddler bed, but honestly, our first two experiences were a lot like yours. Yes, we tried twice. After a week of God-awful sleep patterns, both times we just went back to her in a crib. When I waited until she was over 3 (unusual, I know), it went beautifully with no issues at all. With my current little one (20 months) I'm hanging out in the, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" frame of mind. He hasn't tried to climb out and loves his crib, so he'll stay there until that changes. Or until he goes to Kindergarten, haha.

  11. Mine's 2 and a half, and he's still in a crib. As long as he's not trying to scale the rails and get out, I'm not moving him!

    I would be willing to be the difficulty was ears and bed related. I know for us, when Easton moved to the next class at school, the first week was ***AWESOME*** but week 2 and 3 were hard. It was like the newnewss wore off and the realness that this was his new room and new teachers set it. Now, we are in week 5...and it's good! Transition is hard sometimes. I say give him a few more months, or when he starts trying to get out and try again. Also, could you put some books at the edge of the bed for him to look at when he wakes up with the roosters??!?!?!

    Good luck momma!

  12. Hi! Hopping over from the Mommy Brain Mixer!

    My daughter transitioned to the toddler bed at about the same time, and it was smooth. She has this habit of rotating, and rolling, and changing positions every 15 mins, and for that, she needs a lot of space. So it was for this reason that we changed her over to the bed. :)

    For your son, it definitely must be the ear infection, cuz' I feel, the kids love their toddler beds! :) Have a great day!

  13. Im so cracking up right now. It doesnt seem that long ago and i can remember those days. Hope he gets well soon

  14. We are still waiting to transition Nolan b/c he sleeps so well in his crib...I just don't want to mess it up especially with having a newborn in the house...I need all the sleep I can get!

  15. We think they're still babies - but they don't want to be! My daughter was so excited (at 20 months) to have a 'Big Girl Bed', and although she sometimes will get out of bed and run around the room before finally falling asleep (and a couple nights ago she ended up sleeping UNDER herbed), she's transitioned really well. I can't believe how much they grow and change in their second year! And I thought the first year was fast!!

  16. I'm a newbie (I linked up with Cassie too!), but for the record, my daughter was transitioned at around 2 years. We were kind of forced because I gave birth to my son just 6 days before she turned 2, but I refrained mainly because she was mischievous. And still is.

  17. We transitioned around two and she has woken up around 4:00 EVER since. I don't know what the deal is but I just lay down with her until she falls back to sleep.

  18. Hmmm this makes me want to avoid the transition for a WHILE! I am waiting until he's climbing out I think. I know each child is different. What does he say about either bed? I know they can't reason but can he voice "liking" of either one. I bet that ear infection had lots to do with it. (And I saw you tweeted he was cutting a molar too. W always got ear infections with cutting the molars. I'm sorry Momma!)

  19. Putting the rails back on at 4:00 Am is priceless! That so sounds like something that would go down at our house. I'm probably a bad mommy for admitting this but my toddler is 27 months and he is STILL in his crib. He doesn't try to climb out and his room is at the top of the stairs so I've just let him stay in it for now but a toddler bed is coming soon. Sigh. :)

  20. eeeepppp...we are planning to start Addie soon but are seriously worried about whether or not she will actually sleep in her bed or just run around her room!! it does sound like his ear infection may have played a roll...addie doesnt sleep well when she isnt feeling well and hates being in her crib!! you'll have to let us know if you decide to give it another go!! I hope his ears are feeling better...poor guy:(

  21. I'd stick with the crib a little while longer, I'm not a mama...but they just seem like babies at that age.

  22. My little one is 2 1/2 and is still in a crib. She's starting to show some aversion to it, but not enough for me to move her yet. Maybe after our big move? Is it bad that I want to keep her in there forever just because she sleeps so well?! I don't care. I like my sleep ;)

  23. I marked this as unread so I would remember to come back and comment... most have already said what I was going to say, which is: every one has told me to wait as long as possible! I definitely think he is a little young for the transition and if he doesn't do it regularly, I think you will get a lot more time out of the crib! I know many people are fans of crib tents, so you could always try that if necessary? It has been a week now- how is he doing back in the crib?

  24. I am guessing it was his ears ... because when T had his raging ear infections that resulted in tubes, he was a bear in general. About everything. Mealtime, bedtime, playtime, etc. They are so super painful. T sleeps on a nap mat at school and does great but we are keeping that crib in his room until he climbs out b/c he's happy in there for now. I like that he's contained, and he doesn't seem to mind. That said, I do think they are capable of toddler/big boy beds if you're ready for it ... and my guess is that he is with a little work once the infection passes.

  25. Oh, mama, how awful! We've still got Katherine in her crib. She is so WILD that I just don't see how there will be any sleeping if she can get out :) Plus, I sort of want to make the transition around the same time as potty-training...tying them together so she knows she's a Big Girl...but who am I kidding? I don't have any clue what I'm doing!!!

    He's such a sweetie pie...I kinda have to think that it was his ears :(

  26. Bummer, girl! My kids were 18 months when we moved them and they did fine. Maybe he's just not ready! We never like to push things just because I'm afraid they'll hate it completely! Good luck to you! So glad you linked up to the Mixer, friend. I hope to see you again on Thursday!


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