The Realities of Being a Blogger

Meaningful content, creative designs and a tight-knit community don't just happen overnight. No, it's something every blogger puts much time and effort into.

We spend countless hours writing posts, reading blogs, researching blogging trends, participating in forums, leading forums, joining hops, hosting giveaways, researching brands, attending conferences. Oh and let's not even begin to count the hours spent on social media outlets.

Our spouses, children and friends are of course priority #1; however, in the back of our minds at every second is our blog. For most of us, these sites become so much of who we are that in the end it's hard to separate the individual from the blog. And really? That's what I love about it.

A blog begins to flourish when walls are let down, strangers are let in and we give ourselves to this outlet 110 percent. I've "met" many bloggers over the last year that have touched my heart, altered my perspective on motherhood, work and life in general. They have encouraged and allowed me to wear my heart on my sleeve blog. And for this I am undoubtedly grateful.

As I drove home the other night, I imagined what it'd be like to actually surround myself in a room full of these women. Almost immediately tears began to swell as I pictured myself gossiping face-to-face with Sarah about Evie and Jackson, gushing over the awesomeness of Hayley and Zane's dark hair with Melissa and having the chance to finally meet this dear friend in person.

The idea was overwhelming and it was then I knew.

I knew that attending BlogHer 13 was a commitment I needed to make for myself, not just for this site. If you would've asked me a month ago if attending BlogHer was a legitimate option, I'd probably have said no. But today I can say with full faith that I will be attending BlogHer '13.

Sure, I'm still a lot little terrified to make this commitment. But knowing that come July 2013, I'll be able to actually hug this girl and this girl allows me to maintain faith and persevere through the many hurdles that need to be overcome before July.

Oh and while we're at it, a shameless plug. Because if I'm going to get to BlogHer then I'll need some amazing sponsors along the way. I'd say, the ladies currently on my sidebar are a great start. But every month there are new opportunities to become a sponsor, and this blog of mine has grown leaps and bounds this month alone thanks to sponsorships!

Click here for more details, or simply scroll up to my Sponsor tab.

Are you with me, BlogHer 13? Who else will I finally meet in person?


  1. Wish I could head to BlogHer, maybe it'll be closer to me sometime! Too funny though, I was just thinking about how I need to start pulling in some sponsors!

  2. Hi Erin! I just love your cute blog, and kudos to you for deciding to go to BlogHer 2013. Where will it be at next year? I haven't even thought about attending a conference, but I think it is a great decision for any serious blogger.

  3. I am so determined to make BlogHer '13, too!!! It would be so awesome to see you there. I've been loving looking at everyone's pictures!

  4. This small fish will not be attending next year, but one day I hope it is something I can seriously consider! Congrats on deciding to go! I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience!

  5. So. Much. This. Post.

    I can't wait to squeeze you either!!!

  6. I'm a horrible blogger because I read more than I write haha. But I'm really trying now because I hate not having much written from the baby stages :/

  7. Good luck with your goal!!

  8. You are so awesome! I so wish I could go to a blog conference sooner than later and meet YOU and some of the other amazing women in this community! I'd be a 2014 conference attendee so maybe you can scope it all out for me?? I wish I could do Blissom since it's right there in Dallas but it's bad timing. I'm so excited for you to get to go!

  9. New follower from It's A Vol! Beautiful post!! I so want to go to blogher13...However I nursing baby its going to keep me at home! Maybe 2014 :) Thanks for the reminder about why we blog!

  10. I plan on going, that is the "plan" anyway, I have 4 kids and a Mr. so I'm hoping. I haven't been to a single conference of any kind that involves the blogging community. Over the past year I've created wonderful friendships and that is my motivation to make it to blogher13 to meet these ladies that have encouraged, inspired, laughed and cried with me over life experiences. Powerful.

    New stalker! woot. lol

    Happy weekend!


  11. I attended this past BlogHer and it was amazing!
    It such a awesome atmosphere, just full of empowerment, well atleast for me :)

  12. I will be there! And I'm sure we'll meet because I pink puffy heart Sarah @ Its A Vol! I'm coming to understand what you are saying. I have had a blog since 2008 (damn!), but I'm just recently taking it more seriously, doing the things you listed. Glad I found your site. Off to stalk it! :)

  13. What a great post! This inspires me to give my blog my all - and to connect with other amazing bloggers! So glad I found you! :)

    New follower from the GFC hop! :)

  14. Hope you get to attend! I went to BlogHer12 in NYC this year. and I totally agree about the whole blog thing - It's a commitment and it becomes this part of our lives that intertwines with everything else and it's practically impossible to separate it out

  15. Great post. I too think I am going to go to BlogHer 13. It will be my first blogging conference. Pretty exciting. I also agree regarding the commitment. I started blogging in April and have learned so much and have met some great people. Still have a ways to go in the learning department but glad I have fellow bloggers like yourself to help every step of the way!



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