The Thing About Wall Collages

If you've pondered photography, DIY projects or home decor in the last six months then you know Photo Collage Walls are a top trend. And really, it's hard to deny their beauty, if done right.

Possibilities are truly endless...

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

and yet I'm still intrigued. 

I've spent more time over the last year drooling over others' creations than I'd like to admit, but have yet to get a nail into my own wall. My indecisive personality seems to be the only thing standing between me and many photo collages in our house. 

The thing about wall collages is that they take a balance of planning and whimsy to successfully produce. 

Gathering items that correlate, but aren't too matchy, items with meaning that have actual reference to your life is no easy thing. Then to actually get these items on the wall? This is where I get stuck.

My love for symmetry kills it every time! I have all intentions of creating a wall collage, but then I scoot one photo one way and the other back again. When I finally stand back to take it in I've damn near lined things up. Every single time.

Have you succeeding in creating a wall collage? I'm open to advice!

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