We've Got a Biter, and not the Twilight Type

It all started a month ago when Jackson's Toddler-Room classmates taught him a new bad habit: biting.

The day I picked him up from daycare with a note reading "I was bitten by a friend today," I walked out of the daycare thinking, it's begun.

Jackson had shown no signs of biting at that point. Give it a couple weeks, and he's open-mouth kissing. You know, just turning into that sweet toddler I've been gushing about with those kind, cuddly tendencies.

Those cute open-mouth kisses morphed into a little nibble. Within a couple weeks those rare nibbles at home became a note reading "Today, your child bit a friend."

Huh?! They must've given me the wrong note, right? Wrong. 

Jackson had indeed bitten a friend.
Then he did it again.
And again.
And next thing I know it'd been three days in a row.

Per his daycare Director, I was to sit Jackson {my then 15-month-old} down for a talk about hit biting. Ha! Sit down a 15-month-old and talk it out?!

So far, polling of family and friends has confirmed this is a ridiculous order suggestion in regards to dealing with a young toddler.

Over the last few week's we've done our best to handle the rare biting occurrences that happen in-home. And we had no more instances of biting at daycare. Naively I thought we were in the clear. You'd think I'd know better by now.

A biting streak hit Jackson again last week. And it wasn't pretty friends. Thursday I arrived to not one but four notes informing me he'd bitten a friend. Four!

The Director, again, gave me a speech on sitting with Jackson to discuss his biting, and that we need to "figure something out." Oh, and, they're trying to find a teacher to come in and shadow him.

So here I am, wondering how the hell I can help this daycare "figure something out" about Jackson's biting rampage.

A few notes:
-The biting is still considered rare at home. I won't say nonexistent, but certainly rare.
-The biting is not happening {to my knowledge} in any pattern. No specific time of day aka morning and afternoon, while playing and just sitting during story time.
-He has been bitten multiple times at daycare.
-Biting him does not work. He thinks it's hilarious if we bite him back.
-He will in no way realistically understand me sitting down to lecture him at this point in his development. 

Moms, teachers, people who like to throw in their two cents, this is your chance:

How do we deal with Jackson's current biting streak?