Facepalm Kind-Of Day

It's official, in my child's 17-month life he's had three sets of tubes in his ears.

Today, we had his second set removed, a new set put in and his adenoids removed. Needless to say it was a big morning that felt like wham-bam-thank-you-ma'm. Do you know what I mean? The procedure was done in the blink of a few Pinterest searches and Twitter update. For real!

I'm sticking with the mindset third time's a charm. If it's not? I may just lose my mind!

Jackson was a trooper and already seems in much better spirits.

With that checked off the to-do list, daycare needed to be dealt with. That is, acquiring a new one.

We visited the daycare we'd been talking with and liked it. We're very optimistic, but couldn't decide if we should keep Jackson out a week since it was already such a short week. Thanks to family, we're going to do just that. He'll play at home for the next few days then head to a new school come Monday. I'll most likely cry. It's just the reality of the situation. But dammit, we got a new daycare.


Remember me mentioning being an advisor for my sorority? Maybe not? Well, I am. And the new class has officially been welcomed. My schedule has just been split another night {or two} a week.

This week's festivities and meetings?


Work? Whew, let's not go there. Busy is an understatement! I typically like being busy at work, but with life this bumpy busy it'd be really nice of it to slow down just a bit.


Cleaned the house?

Husband did it.


My tiny corner to clean?

Not cleaned.