Facepalm Kind-Of Day

It's official, in my child's 17-month life he's had three sets of tubes in his ears.

Today, we had his second set removed, a new set put in and his adenoids removed. Needless to say it was a big morning that felt like wham-bam-thank-you-ma'm. Do you know what I mean? The procedure was done in the blink of a few Pinterest searches and Twitter update. For real!

I'm sticking with the mindset third time's a charm. If it's not? I may just lose my mind!

Jackson was a trooper and already seems in much better spirits.

With that checked off the to-do list, daycare needed to be dealt with. That is, acquiring a new one.

We visited the daycare we'd been talking with and liked it. We're very optimistic, but couldn't decide if we should keep Jackson out a week since it was already such a short week. Thanks to family, we're going to do just that. He'll play at home for the next few days then head to a new school come Monday. I'll most likely cry. It's just the reality of the situation. But dammit, we got a new daycare.


Remember me mentioning being an advisor for my sorority? Maybe not? Well, I am. And the new class has officially been welcomed. My schedule has just been split another night {or two} a week.

This week's festivities and meetings?


Work? Whew, let's not go there. Busy is an understatement! I typically like being busy at work, but with life this bumpy busy it'd be really nice of it to slow down just a bit.


Cleaned the house?

Husband did it.


My tiny corner to clean?

Not cleaned.


  1. I really hope this third set of tubes is the last and all goes well. Just remember to breath and relax if possible from time to time. Life gets bumpy and busy from time to time but it shall pass!

  2. Yes third time has to be a charm!! My family knows ear infections all to well as many of my cousins and my brother an I were said to have been born with them. My mom reminds me very chance she gets how lucky we are Mackenzie hasnt had one. Reading your blog and updates drives that home.
    Praying this third time is a charm and your baby can get back to being himself for good!!
    Good luck with the new day care!!
    You can get your corner this weekend. :)

  3. What a week! I hope your little fella is feeling better. I can't imagine the frustration ya'll have gone through with everything. Good luck at the new daycare!

  4. Whoa now that is a busy week! I hope 3rd time is a charm for you guys...I hate that Jackson has had so much trouble with his little ears!

  5. Pat yourself on the back Momma because life is throwing lots of junk at you and you are knocking it out one by one! Be proud of yourself and have a beer already!!! Or three!

    I really hope this last surgery works for The General!

  6. Found you from the Mommy Brain Mixer. I hope the tubes work out! I remember when my daughter had hers put in and her adenoids were shaved/taken out/whatever that the *smell* was unbearable!!

  7. Wow! So much going on lady! I am just cathing up after california!

    I hope removing J's adenoids helps, I know our ENT said that was the key with a lot of kids. Thank goodness the tubes alone seem to working for Evie!

  8. Wow, 3 sets of ear tubes? My son got his (first and only) set a week before he turned one. It was an amazing difference! And now he's 2yrs, 3mos and he's on his 2nd or 3rd infection. I hope I'm not headed in your direction! Hope this set sticks for Jackson!


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