Jackson's First Day

It felt as though I was the one preparing to attend a new school, meet new friends and adjust to a new routine Sunday night. Butterflies refused to leave my stomach, so the Husband graciously said he'd join me in dropping off Jackson at his new daycare.

You see, the first day at a daycare is kind of like moving in. We had a huge box of diapers, a stock of wipes, a cup, a blanket and....oh yeah a kid! Needless to say, my hands would've been a little full.

We checked in with ease handing over immunization records and every other bit of personal info. Then it was time, we headed back to Jack's new room. He was already loving this place, by the way. I could hardly pull him from the insane amounts of books in their main play area to go to his room.

His immediate reaction to his room was adorable. You know the whole, I'm shy and going to hide behind mommy's leg deal. This lasted all of two seconds before he spotted a bean-bag (one of his favorite things) and bolted over to see how comfy it was. This led to testing out every chair at the table next to it. Then the next thing I know, he's in the corner playing with one of the boys not even noticing me and Brandon sneaking out the door.

This mama soul had such a bittersweet morning. I warmed at knowing how happy he already was exploring his new room, but I worried all day something would go wrong. We did let his teacher know about his biting and just to keep a close watch. Over our supervision of him, we've found he only bites when he's extremely tired (aka we've come to the conclusion his biting at our last center was something being caused there throughout the day).

Due to a post-work meeting downtown, Brandon was picking up Jackson while I eagerly waited for a phone call to let me know how things went. And? Brandon and his teacher reported back that they couldn't have been better.

He ate lots, played lots, and even slept the entire nap time. He didn't cry, or fuss, or bite. This morning when dropping him off his teacher reiterated how impressed she was with him yesterday. Now I'm praying this continues.

This entire daycare situation has been miserable, but more than that it's been a learning lesson. I never thought I'd be a mom, I always wanted to work and I never thought of the what-ifs. And now, most of you know, I'd give anything to stay home, but we're not there yet. So daycare is a necessity.

Leaving your child in a place you trust and know in your heart your child is happy and well taken care of makes work infinitely more enjoyable. Because as much as I love my job, when your heart is worried about your child there will be no productivity and work will seem dismal.

So here's to Day 2, may it go as smoothly as Day 1!

Before I leave you for the day, I must say again how thankful I am for each of you who've seen me through this daycare transition and even more to all of you who have been here with me since dropping Jackson off for his first day of daycare at 10 weeks old. Many days have passed in which I'm not sure I would've come out on the brighter side if it weren't for this community. So thanks to all of you for your unconditional support.