So What....

...that I didn't set my alarm for this morning leaving me no time to shower.
...that my hair is not at an appropriate cleanliness level for work, but hey I'm here anyway.

....that although I am beyond excited to be working on a PCOS management plan with my new doctor, the medicine is making me so sick while my body adjusts.
....that my body is attempting to adjust to this medicine while I endure the most painful cycle I've had in the last 8 months! {I know, I know, TMI, so what?}

...that my to-do list feels like an out-of-control monster.

...that I left the house in a tizzy this morning and didn't even hug the husband. #wifefail

...that I bought Jackson a Halloween costume rather than attempting to make him one.

...that I'm furious with my Dad for so many things but am currently allowing him to buy my happiness in the form of two flights to DC.

...that I just finished my coffee and may just go get another.

...that I'm posting this from my {really it's suppose to be Brandon's} iPad and don't know how to add Shannon's adorable button or link through the app I wrote this on. Which means you all need to go find Shannon's blog, Life After I Dew and share some So What Wednesday love. {button and actual link to be added tonight}

Happy Wednesdays lovelies! I still have a million amazing things to share before this week is over, so stay tuned!