This,That & A Blog Hop All Rolled Into One


I received a call from a CNN producer yesterday. No joke.
She didn't want to speak with me, duh, but I'm the one she had to speak to first!

For real. CNN. I googled her to make sure.

When I told my mom, her response?
Did you ask her for a job?!


Kid always has a cracker in his mouth.
And usually a spare in the hand.


This week, I'm co-hosting Follow Me Wednesday hosted by 3 Four and Under!

Please welcome the other co-hosts as well!  
Storybook Reality  
 Adventures with Captain Destructo 
The Lily White English Rose  
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Happy Wednesday and Happy Hopping!


  1. My dad would of asked the same question as your mom.
    Also, when Mackenzie gets any food, she always puts some in her mouth and in each hand. You'd think we don't feed her an she has to hoard it. :)

  2. Thanks for co-hosting Erin. Great link up!!! And, your munchkin is just precious. I think he is just so adorable. :)))) I love his hair. Daven hoards crackers, gummies and anything he can find (you'd think we don't feed him either) and he shares EVERYTHING with his kitten. It will definitely be a diabetic cat in about 5 years (I laugh about it now, but I really hope not). Ha. ♥ Happy Wednesday pretty lady.

  3. Thanks for hosting Erin and WOW - CNN!!!

  4. followed you via Follow Me Wednesday. very nice site. looking forward to your updates.and thanks for co-hosting. please visit my blog and hope you'll follow me... :-)

  5. Thanks so much for co-hosting! You rock. Pop over for a cocktail any time!

  6. Your boy is sooo adorable! Mine would have the cracker in the mouth with the crumbs all over his face to prove it. I'm a new follower, please come and check out these blogs :)

  7. Found your blog through fellow cohost Storybook Reality and now I'm a new follower. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Hi there! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog! I'd love a follow back at and Pinterest! I follow all of my Pinterest followers :)

  9. Too cool about CNN!! I love the cracker and spare - must be the age!!!

  10. Hey, Im a new follower from the hop. Your blog is super cute! I love it!
    Feel free to follow back!

  11. His face is all "what?" in this picture!! And looks about 4!


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