The Monumental Day

A blanket of clouds rolled in as we rounded the bend with a quintessential Washington, DC Fall view. I've been craving a real Fall day for weeks, but around here we're still seeing upper 80's on a daily basis. This view was a breath of fresh air.

This is just what we needed.

With my cousin as our personal tour guide, we booked it through the city taking in the sites, hearing the history and stopping every so often just to soak in the weather and surroundings.

Despite the 12 miles we covered of DC that day, it hardly felt like a long haul as we caught up on life and truly learned more about American history than I had in years.

Mother nature couldn't have been kinder to us.
Every single day boasted  seasonal temperatures, foliage and bliss.

Between seeing monuments and memorials, we popped into a few museums, heard details about January's Inaugural Ball and attempted to find a food truck. It should go without saying, I'm thankful my cousin is an exceptional tour guide of DC, but damn if we weren't exhausted by the time museums closed.

We dragged our tired bones to the metro and headed out to her house in Alexandria.

That night held a nap for this old lady, some seasonal beers, a few too many whiskey drinks and never-ending laughter. When morning rolled around, it became clear I'm no longer the young party-girl I once was. And that my friends? Is an understatement!

I slowly pulled myself out of bed that day to the smell of bacon and pancakes knowing that the day we had ahead would be much wilder than the one prior. If I only knew what I knew now, I'd have stayed in bed a bit longer!

Day Two of DC tomorrow :) Happy Monday loves! Oh and did you catch Friday's post? It was full of sweet mommy reflections and a little something for you too! You might want to read it!