So What Wednesday

It's one of those weeks where I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Every day I've opened up the calendar and glanced over to Friday.

I'm here to tell you friends: It's only Wednesday.

I've decide to just say, so what?

So what, that I signed up for cookies at Jackson's school party today and copped out with store bought sugary goodness and very little shame.

So what, that I feel completely unprepared for Halloween now that it's actually here. Oh, and despite the fact I've had a costume since last month.

So what, if I turn off our porch light after we take Jackson trick-or-treating tonight. I will not be sorry that I choose not to deal with dogs jumping at the doorbell all night. Uh, no thank you.

So what, if I didn't really buy any candy to give out and have all intentions on snagging Jackson's candy. Since I plan to bake him some cookies this weekend, I'm just going to call us even.

So what, that we haven't carved a single pumpkin. Perhaps it's the failed trip to the pumpkin patch that's left a sour taste in my mouth...

So what, if I'm going to shamelessly brag on my October Small Sponsors :)
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  1. Pumpkin carving is overrated! Y'all have a great day. Can't wait to see the General in his costume! :)

  2. We haven't carved pumpkins either! I seriously meant to do that.
    My kids school will only allow store bought items (nothing baked from home)!

  3. We bought a pumpkin and didn't carve it. Oh well!!! Haha.

  4. There's a theme of not carving pumpkins out there this week! Glad to know I'm not the only lazy mama!


  5. Ha ha I agree with Jen pumpkin carving is overrated! We didn't do it either!

  6. We didn't even go to a pumpkin pacth this year. That a parent fail. Next year....Also, we didn't even go trick or treating. Mackenzie has NO clue she missed out on getting candy in the freezing cold! And I don't need candy to eat either. There is always next year....

  7. Thanks for the love and I'm with you on the no pumpkin front....


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