A New View

Monday didn't quite play out the way I'd planned. Before noon, daycare called saying Jackson was sick. In case you missed my twitter rants, we Jackson spent the weekend cutting canines.

The past four days have been filled with little sleep, lots of cries and wavering patience.

But I refuse to let this mess of sickies bring the week down. You see, Saturday is my birthday. And? It's a milestone. Typically, we're celebrating Jackson's milestones, but this month it's my turn.

As a part of my new-year/new-chapter outlook, I've been on the search for a pair of glasses. I'll spare you my tale on failing a recent eye exam in attempts to get a new driver's license for now. Needless to say, this was overdue.

Just one problem, there aren't enough hours in the day. Much less enough time to go out, try on and purchase a new pair of eye glasses. That's where GlassesUSA.com came in.

Their Virtual Mirror is basically a God-send for busy lives. Forget finding time to get to the store. GlassesUSA has provided everything you need right on their site to buy glasses!

For real. It works.

Prescription glasses, sunglasses, just because glasses. I think I spent a good week trying on glasses with the virtual mirror! After comparing a few hundred I finally landed on a pair. 

It seems they've arrived just in time for me to, you know, legally drive. 

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I was given a voucher to GlassesUSA.com in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine.