If I Wasn't A Mom

I would've missed this...

I would've missed...
the hand holding, 
the dog chasing, 
the incessant laughter,
the mess.

I would've missed nights watching a monitor in awe of the tiny man on the other side, while at the same time whispering prayers the dog won't run down the hall and wake our little miracle. 

I would've missed the long days, short weeks and fishy kisses.

Most of all, I wouldve missed the chance for us to grow. 
For our hearts to know this love. For our story to have him in it. 

If I wasn't a mom life wouldn't be quite right. This little message was cemented in my spirit over the last week. Four days away from Jackson will apparently do that to this mama. 


  1. OK - nothing like a few tears to kick-start Friday! LOL. Lovely post :D

  2. Love being a mom!! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. He is so precious.....
    what memories.
    Seems like just yesterday this was my babies...
    now they are almost 19 & 15 :(

    Have a blessed weekend,

  4. Oh Erin! This brought a tear to my eye. Its too early in the morning to be crying! This was so heartfelt and sweet. Being a mommy is the best isnt it? Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I can't wait to become a mom and experience that kind of love.

  6. He is adorable! And, this is all so right! There's nothing like being a mom is there? All of the moments that we take for granted daily.. until we look back on them and realize just how sweet they are and how lucky we are to get to raise our little babes. Happy Friday, sweet friend!

  7. This is all so true! Being away will make you miss it all so much more! Glad you had fun too!

    Also, I nominated you for an award today. :o) http://mcfallliving.blogspot.com/2012/10/award-1.html

  8. It's amazing how much would be different without our babies -- and we wonder what we did with all that time before we had kids -- and how we survived without sticky hands patting our faces and bedtime kisses.

  9. Such a sweet Friday post! Thanks for sharing and I hope y'all have a memory making weekend!

  10. I love creating mommy memories!! Love this post!

  11. He is so cute! I love this post, too!


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