The Quarter-Life Crisis is Upon Us

If we're really being honest, it hit me back in May. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something happened one day and it just clicked. I'm going to be 25 this year. Well, this year has quickly dwindled to, uh, two days ago.

I've awaited this month, this milestone. Typically, I love my birthday. Nothing big ever really happens, and I don't insist on going crazy. But that day? Just always feels special. This year is a different story, though. I've had an unsettling feeling about this birthday. 25. Twenty-Five. TWENTYFIVE. For the first time I feel "old."

Lately, I've been stepping back, looking at the big picture and reflecting on my last handful of years. Where I was. Where I went. And where we're going. Because let's face it, there's no more I around here. 

Despite pondering this birthday for essentially the entire summer, I still can't wrap my head around the fact I'm now 25. Re-runs of life have been playing in my mind for months.

Leaving for college to start a new chapter.

The heat of the Alabama sun as I sit on the bleachers yelling Rammer-Jammer surrounded by the sweet smell of whiskey and Denny Dogs at my first ever Alabama Football game.

The rhythm of Brandon's band playing the first time we met.

Joy of choosing the first place we'd live together.

Life as a college student making her way through journalism school.

The rows of books I inhabited as a recent graduate still living her life in the library preparing for the LSATs.

Newlywed-life: sorting out the realities of days together.

A young woman terrified of what the future holds as her faith in God waivers.

My heart healing as Brandon and I grew together and wrote our latest chapter, parenthood

Vividness of these days make it hard to fathom all this bundled into my years.  So quickly, these moments passed me by becoming my narrative. And now? Through the mess of our toddler-owned house, an overflow of love can be found. Some days you have to squint to see past the bursting teething-toddler frustrations, but it's there. Knowing this, I welcome a new season of life a wiser soul.