A Letter To My Pre-Mommy Self...

Coffee is now part of your daily routine.
I know. I know! It's true, though.
In fact, you and coffee typically meet twice a day.

Prepare yourself, that's not the only change ahead.
You think pregnancy was a wild ride?
Well, hang on. Things are just getting started.

In the coming months your laundry piles up. The floors will typically be sticky and/or wet. Your patience will be tested, clothes mucky and laughter genuine. Peaceful meals will be sparse. Hours of the day become precious. And your heart will grow in a miraculous manner.

You'll question 98 percent of the decisions you make. That is, until the moment each day when his hand holds yours. That's where you'll find peace.

Cherish those moments. You deserve them. 

Disclaimer: these heart-bursting moments are often planted smack in the middle of a Tonka Truck to the head and a Lego to the foot.

Big picture? You become a different person. Embrace it.
Fill these days with contentment and faith. In this life, you'll see so many blessings.


18-Month Mommy


  1. "You become a different person. Embrace it."

    The most true words I have ever read regarding motherhood.

    I am such a different person. I was changed the second Kate was born and then changed even more when I dealt with life threatening illness.

    I'm so glad I am not the only one that feels like motherhood has forever altered who they are as a person.

  2. I agree that you definitely become a different person when you become a mother. Your view of life changes, and how you live every day!
    I loved this!

  3. How true! Before kids, coffee was for fun, Walmart trips were made in the middle of the night because we felt like it, and last-minute vacations were accomplished with only one carry-on (for both me and hubby). Now, coffee is sustenance, Walmart trips are squeezed into the awake time between naps because we forgot diapers at our last grocery run, and vacations are planned at least 3 months in advance with 3 large duffle bags between us (one for each kid). ...but I wouldn't trade it for anything :) The little heads resting on your chest before bedtime are the best!

    Stopping by from the Mommy-Brain Mixer, and I'm not your newest follower.

  4. Love this so much, and your little man is so handsome! Those words speak volumes, what an amazing journey we are all allowed to ride.

    Found you through the mommy brain mixer, and i'm looking forward to reading more :)

  5. So true!! I love when Mackenzie grabs a hold of my hand jut to walk across the room!

  6. Oh my he is getting so big! Love this letter to yourself!

  7. I'm not a mommy yet but I hope to be real soon! I love this post so much; such a neat perspective coming from the position of a pre-mommy!

    I found you on the link up; newest follower!



  8. He has gotten so big!!! Love this post! Children are amazing. Parenting is amazing. They both have ups and downs but those moments- you know the ones, man alive it makes everything worth it. No one will remember your sticky floors Mama- but he will remember how awesome you are. Keep rocking it out- you two made one beautiful kid!

  9. What a beautiful post. I often think about that kind of thing. I am such a different person with a radically different life. Sometimes I wish I could go back and tell that girl to get out more, do more spontaneous things! But the lack of freedom is well worth it when my baby makes my heart split open several times a day. Thanks for this post.
    -Jess @ http://mychildcenteredlife.com/

  10. Love this post! It is all so true! My life was totally different before kids, but I wouldn't trade what I have now for the world!

    Found you on the Mommy Brain Mixer, and I'm your newest follower.

  11. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures! Isn't it so true? What different people we become!

  12. I LOVE this post girl. So true- motherhood does change you, and it does make life messy and hard sometimes, but it also gives such fullness and joy! That little pumpkin of yours is so handsome!

  13. Stopping by from ILYMTC....I LOVE this!! So beautiful


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