A Journalists' Kind Of Crack And One Too Many Shots

It was hard to pull myself out of bed Sunday morning. Whiskey is just not the same at 25. For real.  
That being said, the one thing I was set on us doing that day was getting to the Newseum.

Placed on Pennsylvania Avenue, it's 250,000 square-feet of American news and journalism history. Breathtaking to say the least. I was initially unsure of the $20 fee because most museums in DC are free, but it proved to be well worth every cent.

This museum could quench the thirst of a thousand writers.
They have an exhibit on the Berlin wall, featuring a section of the Berlin Wall.
I shouldn't even have to say more.

We spent a good four hours in the museum before a voice on the loudspeaker gave us a thirty-minute warning. I was awe-struck by the 9/11 exhibit keeping us from making the first two floors.

Source: newseum.org via Erin on Pinterest

My journalist heart was so happy in this day. But alas, museums close and cupcakes awaited. My sweet tooth just needed a cupcake in that moment and I knew we had to get to Georgetown Cupcakes before they closed. The trek from downtown to Georgetown Cupcakes' location is ridcuous. We'll just say, I may have been cursing them for a good hour.

But once we finally got ahold of these treats...oh my! They were amazing! My favorite was the Chocolate Lava. You've got to make this stop if you're visiting the DC area.

We hit the town that night spending far too much on Jack and Coke's at the W taking in a sensational view. Aside from the almost $150 we spent on four drinks, it was a great time.

{insert photo that we took at the bar with a view, but in hindsight we were far too drunk to be photographed}

Thankfully we managed to pick up some wacko drunk lady with her boss's business card. Her boss bought us all a round of shots that night. Wasn't that nice of him?! Then at some point there was another round of shots. And at a time that was far, far past when I should have gone home I grabbed Brandon and told him to get me home STAT.

Not only was this our first weekend without Jackson in a while, when you get all of Jimmy's friends together things tend to get a little wild. You know, in honor of Jimmy.

Although I endured the hangover that lasted 24 hours as my penance for too many drinks, I'll never forget the night we laughed relentlessly after a near-death experience with a foreign cabbie. Trying to keep up with Jimmy was never easy...but more on that tomorrow.