25 Before 26

1. Find a balance in contentment and aspirations.

2. Take Jackson to the beach.

3. Embrace my quarter-life crisis.

4. Be better about writing thank you cards.

5. Go to a blogging conference.

6. Finish decorating our house.

7. Complete Project PCOS.

8. Support a charity.

9. Run a 5k. I'm thinking the color run.

10. Travel with my husband.

11. Have a day in Charleston with my mom.

12. Take a professional leap of faith.

13. Have a girls night with my best friend.

14. Be in a city I've never been to.

15. Step foot in an SEC football stadium, during a game.

16. Learn not to linger on my mistakes.

17. Meet a blog friend in real life.

18. Read at least three books.

19. Build a playground in our backyard.

20. Visit a vineyard.

21. Go to a concert.

22. Spend a weekend away just the three of us {and maybe the dogs}.

23. Splurge on a beautiful purse. Not a diaper bag.

24. Take too many photos.

25. Give it to God. All of it. The bliss, the battle, the faith.