5 Things Moms Should Know

1. Before you leave, hug them even tighter than you really should. You will miss them more than you imagined. It'll be ok. I promise. Now, go have a glass of wine. 

2. Remember to pack extra Advil. When you have one too many glasses of wine you'll realize hangovers are much worse than you remembered. 

3. When you return from your time away, your child will not run to you. Let that sink in, and don't convince yourself otherwise. They.Will.Not.Run.To.You.

4. Do not spend your rare moments of child-free mess worrying they're getting off schedule. There is no doubt those Grandparents tossed your notes aside the moment your car pulled out the driveway. You should be more concerned about the level of smothering happening at home than the routine. 

5. It will take a day (or so) for your little one to come around to their usual daily routine. Those days will be awful, and you will reconsider if that bit of vacation was worth it. It was. Stay calm and give it 48 hours. The toddler you know as your child will return and with an extra sloppy kiss to spare just for mama.

Happy Travels, y'all! I'd love to hear what you've learned in traveling sans baby as a new parent!

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