Blessings & Leaves

My camera is typically attached to my hip on any given day, but on holidays it seems to be put aside, especially on those holidays we're out of town. Last Thanksgiving I didn't even come home with a picture of anyone

Clearly, that couldn't fly this year. So, as everyone finished preparing for Thanksgiving lunch, Jackson and I took advantage of my MIL's many, many leaves.

It's funny how children make you see simple things in such a miraculous way.

A yard full of fallen leaves left stars in my baby's eyes. You'd have thought those leaves were covered in gold the way he threw them in the air full of joy.

I'd say our Thanksgiving went better than expected this year and much of that had to do with this green eyed boy.  He slept 99% of the total 14 hours car drive, he babbled and wooed every grandparent and he stayed on a fairly regular sleep schedule.

Basically, this guy? Is a rockstar. 

As we tossed those leaves around the yard, I saw so many blessings beaming through my lens. The simple pleasures of my child and family tend to have that effect on me. I mean really though, what did I do to deserve this handsome tot as my everyday bit of sunshine?

My heart has been overflowing lately and our little weekend away only cemented that even more. 

Forever and always, this kid will have my heart.