I'm Here

Ok, fine. If we're being honest, most of it wouldn't quite be described as bliss; but these days, toddler love is abundant in our home. Consistently, I find myself looking over our family seeing so many sweet moments.

Motherhood is something the pre-mom me was terrified of. In fact, I was down right adamant against the idea of children. The snot, the screaming, the tantrums. It wasn't really appealing.

Over the last 19 3/4 months, many days have fallen in the "non-appealing" category. Because let's face it, those bits and pieces of motherhood you see out in public are real.

The tantrums, the screaming, the snot. It's there and it is also abundant.

What the pre-mom me didn't see when judging that mom in Target with that toddler is the love he shares with her the moment they step foot out of the store. Or the kisses he'll plant smack on her cheek as they snuggle before naptime. Or the days he grabs his favorite toys, stacks each of them in a pile in his room, grabs her hand, drags her into his room and belly flops on those toys only to look at her belting the deepest belly laugh known to man.

Those moments, those personal, parenting moments are what round out long days days and short months. They're what make even the non-appealable days blissful.

We're just a week from hitting the 20-month mark, and bliss is overflowing from our home. I've been stuck in a whirlwind shuffle of love and learning as a mom the past month and couldn't be more thankful for where I find my life as we embark on our second holiday season as a family of three.