Motherly Expectations are Rarely Met

There's a build-up in every mom's mind as to how family outings will run. Typically these daydreams are filled with giggling toddlers perfectly posing for photos and Dads who act as our assistant in capturing said moments.

In reality, kids run wild, Dads are actually on the search for their own pumpkin and mamas are left snapping a million photos of the back of her child's head.

Essentially, everything is more interesting than playing with mom:

Pots hanging from a chain...


And yes, even the pumpkin patch will entertain those Toddlers more than a silly mama and her camera. So let's say you put that camera away? Yeah, that Toddler is still going to be more interested in tasting the dirt than running hand in hand with you through the corn maze.

In fact, that corn maze you'd been scheming as the ideal Fall activity was a complete bust. Who knew the thing was going to be a million acres long!

The good news? The pumpkin patch will assuredly be stocked full of some seriously great pumpkins, a place for your child to run out their energy {with or without you} and one more activity to cross off the Fall bucket list.

Just one day left until we'll transition from Fall to the Winter holidays and I must say I'm pleased. We've completed our entire Fall Bucket list with the exception of two items, one of which is still in the works.

To that I say, bring on the Holidays!

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