Parenthood: A Continual Passing of the Torch

Getting through that first year of parenting is a feat of many, many firsts both for you and your baby. Then you hit that one-year birthday thinking, what now?

Ha! Who am I kidding?
No mom has ever wondered that! Because kids? They keep your moments moving in fast forward.

As the days breeze by, I try to pack in as many memories and traditions as possible and not many Fall traditions rank higher than going to the State Fair. Some of my youngest memories are of trips to the Fair with my family and friends.

I want Jackson to have these memories. 

The smells, the sights, the laughter and other fair noises. It's a once-a-year experience. You just don't ask questions when you get into those Fair gates. Throwing caution {and most sanitary guidelines} to the wind is the only way to enjoy the Fair.

Do not plan on counting calories. You'd be silly to even pretend not to want fair food. Even the pickiest of toddlers can't say no to sugar on sugar.

Sand Castles were viewed. Rides were only admired {this year}. Animals were petted. Rounds on the carousel were taken. And the proverbial torch was passed.

Writing this chapter of our story feels like he's become a little more us. Like we're a little more family. And now it's also a chapter in his story, the tradition of the State Fair. Hopefully he'll be as fond of the fair as I was.

Add this one to the win column and check it off on the Fall Bucket list!