Shrek The Halls

Spending almost every Holiday Season with Brandon in Nashville, I’ve become accustom to our traditions revolving around Opryland's Country Christmas. However, the hotel was still under construction our last season living in Nashville. All this means, it's been several years since we've enjoyed the lights at Opryland.

My plans for taking Jackson to experience the grandeur of Opryland’s Christmas have been in the making since before he was even born. So, as we made our way to Music City for Thanksgiving, I informed everyone we'd be taking Jackson to Shrek The Halls. His first ever Opryland Christmas event!

You begin with a “short” video which in Mommy/Toddler world was no where near short. However, the other 20-month-old running around justified my crazy kid. Thankfully, the video ended with snow flurries, putting Jackson on cloud nine {as is clear above}.

Just as I thought, he ran through the many rooms of sculptures, peering up to admire their height and many colors. I think it's safe to say he was officially in awe...

Oh and did I mention there’s an ice slide?

Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Except, this kid took like a year to get to the bottom. We’re still working on the whole theory of lifting your shoes when sliding, but that’s a post for another day.

Despite some setbacks in actually getting our family to Opryland that day, it was worth every penny, smile, giggle, tumble and terrifying realization my toddler might have tried to lick the ice sculptures multiple times.

In the Nashville area for the Holidays? Find more info on Opryland’s County Christmas and plan a visit for yourself! And, be sure to look around town for discounts on your tickets to Shrek the Halls.

*disclaimer: this post is in no way affiliated with or by Gaylord Opryland. These opinions are based on my personal experience. All opinions are my own.


  1. omg I love his hat! Looks like tons of fun!!

  2. as much time as i spend in nashville, i have yet to ever really go up that way for christmas! but then again, i just realized as i'm typing this that i will be up there next week! might have to make my way there!

  3. Oh my gosh! I am seriously in love with that first picture!!! He is growing so quickly!!!

  4. i wish they had places like this here in VT!

  5. I mean seriously that photo shows he is in total awe!

  6. Now that looks like a winter wonderland!!


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