The Rewind

1. By day three of our trip Jackson was a professional traveler. 2. Priceless handholding on our long drives between SC and TN. 3. I still can't get over how cute and big J looked this Thanksgiving. 4. Oreo Turkey. Need I say more? 5. We went to Shrek the Halls. You should too. 6. The Husband and I managed to sneak away for a date night at our old favorite spot. 

1. New Christmas Ornament; Similar to the one we received as a wedding gift. Makes my heart happy 2. Oh hai, Christmas Mug a la Kroger. 3. Preparations for our very first North Pole Breakfast are underway!

With Thanksgiving 2012 officially in the books, I cannot wait to welcome Christmas with open arms this weekend! We'll be decorating the tree tonight, hitting up the city's Christmas Parade and Holiday Market tomorrow....and then Sunday we'll welcome our Elf with a North Pole Breakfast! Yes, I think this house will be bursting with Holiday Joy come Monday morning. 

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