Yours Truly

Hello ladies and potentially also gentleman currently reading the lovely Miss Erin's blog! My name is Chelsea, and I am the blogger and blog designer behind Yours Truly. I blog often about fashion/style (on the cheap of course!), design and other random stuff. I am super excited to be hanging out on Erin's sidebar for a while and am even more excited/honored that she's having me take over her bloggityblog today. Yep, I said bloggityblog just then. Deal with it. OKAY, anywho! Today I wanna have a quick chitchat with you about the small things.

A wise Mother Theresa once said, " small things with great love."
Dang, she is a clever one. We live in a busy world. A busybusybusy one. So sometimes, the little things don't get the acknowledgment that they deserve. Or we don't make the effort to do the little things in the first place. 

We tend to live days on fast forward, trying to be super-student, super-mom, super-worker or whatnot and we forget about the little things. Sometimes we don't bother showing our appreciation for eachother because we can't think of or don't have time to do something extravagant. Well my friends, Mother Theresa and I are here to tell you that the little things count. 

When my boyfriend comes home with a chocolate popsicle for me, I am the happiest girl in the world. He knows that when I'm really grumpy, a sugar donut will brighten my world (I'm food-oriented, so what, haha). Those little things show me that he cares & he pays attention to what I love and that means more than anything to me. 

Show someone you love them today. You don't need to buy them a bouquet of roses, you don't need to shout from the rooftops (although that does sound pretty fun and movie-esque). Send them a quick text that you're thinking of them, write them a little card of the things you admire about them, leave a little note beside the coffee in the morning for your hubs or roommate. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture, just do small things with great love.

Thanks very much to Erin for having me today, and I hope some of you new readers will come say hi and introduce yourselves on my blog! I love to meet new people. xoxo


What a beautiful post! Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to stop by Chelsea's blog, Yours Truly.