I've been stuck in a funk the last few days and I just can't shake it. It begins early in the morning with a screaming toddler who for whatever reason thinks this is the way to wake up right now. But other than that insane screaming, I really have no other reason to be in a funk, yet here I am.

After a laughable conversation with my best friend, she suggested continuing to remind myself why I'm happy. SO?

1. We're in the thick of the Christmas Season!

2. South Carolina has been gracing us with some beautiful weather. (yes, I get happy because of weather.)

3. My best friend will be arriving back in America SO soon.

4. This sweet blog of mine has some fun things in the works and giveaways already happening that I'm so grateful to be able to offer to my readers! (p.s. last day to enter the Blue Bird Bride Giveaway!)

5. After an uphill battle during the Fall season, things are finally winding down at work.

6. Christmas gifts have come together almost painlessly. And? I even have a surprise present for the husband!

7. Jackson got a perfect bill of health at the 3-month follow-up with our ENT yesterday.

8. In just over a month we'll be back in DC for the Inauguration.

9. Today is Wednesday. This is always cause for happiness, yes?

10. I am blessed with an amazing husband and child who love me to the moon and back.

Really, I could go on and on with little things on this list and perhaps that's what I need to do during the days right now. Getting in a funk during this time of year is just awful timing, but reading through these little things does bring a little cheer to my heart.

How do you get out of funk?


  1. Great post and idea! I should do the same. Something about Christmastime makes me ridiculously happy but it's also so easy to slip out of it too. Hope the rest of your week goes well. Hooray for J's clean bill of health!

  2. I'm in a perpetual funk, and like you, I have absolutely NO reason for it. What do I do to remind myself to cut it out? I read the news, sad but true. It's always an instant reminder that I have nothing to complain about in my comfy little bubble.

  3. I drink lots and lots of coffee.... :)

  4. I've been in a funk too! I'm trying to remain positive BUT sometimes it's hard. I think our kids must be talking every night. Mine has been waking in the same "screaming" mood every morning as well. Makes for a rough start to the day.

  5. Great post! We should all do this. It's so easy to get in a funk. You prove the the little things add up, but I too would be in a "funk" as well if I had to wake up that way.


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