Oh Hai, It's Me, Elmo!

Before Jackson could even properly babble, I knew we'd be in for it the day he set his sights on the iPad. Over time, I tried to keep my ears open to other mama's recommendations for their go-to apps for toddlers. But the second my Toddler was frantically screaming and pointing to the iPad demanding immediate entertainment I was stumped.

The first thing that came to mind?

At just $.99 I jumped on the Elmo Calls app quickly. Since that fateful day, we've never looked back.

And now, Jackson requests Melmo {Elmo} on a daily basis. Cup in hand, iPad propped up, he's ready.

Not too fast though. While the app features multiple types of calls from Elmo, even voicemails, my Toddler is fixated on one call in particular. For now.

Jackson has always found sneezing funny, but Elmo? He's taken the hilarity to an all new level. This kid impatiently waits for Elmo to grab his tissue, take his deep breathe and finally sneeze. All the while he's looking at you motioning to his own nose.

Gets me every time. It's one of those moments that only a Toddler could make into a heartwarming moment, teaching us yet again about the little things. We've shared more giggles over this app than I could count.

If you've been searching for that app to grab your toddler's attention as he's bouncing off the walls in a restaurant, doctor's office and/or living room well, here ya go! At $.99 you won't regret it. I promise.

Have a favorite app? Let me know so I can test it out!

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**I was in no way endorsed for this review on the Elmo Calls app and am in no way affiliated with their app. All opinions are mine. 


  1. This app is a favorite in our house too!! Everyday she picks up my phone and says "elwo"

  2. That's too funny!!! We love lots of the Duck Duck Moose apps. W also can get into a few rounds of Monkey Preschool Lunchbox but that might be a bit older for J.

  3. What a cute app! I am going to def get it!


  4. Oh gosh, I have to get this for Dav! :)
    He has officially taken over my iPad.

  5. Oh gosh...Ellie has out grown Elmo a bit, but this would still be a fun app! I'll have to check it out!
    ♥ Kyna

  6. I think this app would help my kid have fun too and by reading your experience I can bet that he’ll love it. I’ll download and let you know the feedback.

  7. Brady LOVES this app. :) Whenever I really need to distract him I say, "Hey! Wanna call Elmo?!"

  8. We will have to check this out!

  9. My kid loves this app and I showed this to him recently and now he’s not letting me take the phone.


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