Seeing as I'm in a self-proclaimed {but-husband-agrees} funk, there's no better time for a little So What Wednesday with Shannon!

So, yeah, what if...

Blogger keeps screwing up the formatting of this post. 

Jackson woke up at 5:50 this morning. 

We've had Barney and Elmo babysitting recently. I'm sorry, but this mama needed a shower and our house had to be cleaned. Well, it really still needs to be cleaned {that's a whole other so what}. 

Our resident babysitter aka my mom has the flu. She's now offered to pay for a date night complete with babysitter funding :)

I haven't sent out our Christmas cards. They did at lest arrive yesterday!

I schedule out blog posts for the week and 98% of the time end up changing what is posted. 

Our Christmas tree fell over not once but twice this week. 

We never had any family photos taken this season. 

I still haven't had the chance for the classic baby with christmas lights photo session.

I've cut myself off from looking at the Zulily sales because I'll want to buy something and Santa has been more than kind to Jackson this year. 

Today feels like it should be Thursday!!! 

Join me in saying so what and leave a comment letting me know what you're saying SO WHAT to this week!
So What Wednesday


  1. I just discovered your blog through Life After I Dew and I am in the exact same place as you right now. Our sons are just a bit over a week apart in age. And Barney and Elmo haven't been babysitting, but Mickey and Thomas the Train have. My MIL keeps making comments about how the Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV before age 2, but I have no other way to keep his occupied for more than 15 minutes. And who are these people who can have family photos taken a million times a year? Photographers are expensive! It's like hmm... pay our mortgage for the month or hire a photographer?

  2. Bless you. I loved this post. I still haven't ordered our Christmas cards. YIKES, "/ And, lately I have so much to say on my blog, but just cant seem to find the time to sit down and just write-write-write. ♥

  3. Hang in there girl! I'm in a Self Proclaimed Funk too. Your doing better than me though, I'm not even sending out cards this year!!!


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