That Time My Baby Fever Never Broke

And just when I thought maybe I might be out of this dreadful baby fever season, I stumble across this sweet face while making Christmas cards...

In an instant I was a melted mommy puddle.

My mind can't even fathom this was almost five months ago. My how he's changed over the last 20 months. The very early stages of this little guy's second birthday party are in the works and I'm just all kinds of teary-eyed thinking about it.

But Baby Fever be damned because this mama has been given the red light to Baby #2. I'm going to need to find a newborn to snuggle with STAT.


  1. Aww, what a sweet face! My 2nd is only 6 months but even I have had some "baby fever" moments for a little newborn, lol

  2. Gosh they do change!!! I best not go back through W's pictures right now. I'd be a puddle right there with ya!

  3. I will have a newborn for you to snuggle very soon. :)

  4. It sure goes by in a blink of an eye doesn't it? I have to say this age is my favorite so far! It's so fun to see them becoming little people...but still bittersweet that he isn't your little baby anymore.

  5. It goes way too quickly. All of it. I already mourn the time in the hospital with Hadley. I mean really?

  6. Jackson is so adorable!! It's hard to watch how fast they grow but so much fun at the same time. It does go by way too fast!!

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