Top 12 Photos of 2012

1. Outside. It's become this child's mantra. And thankfully, we've learned together that this can be the best kept secret to spending the day home as a quasi-SAHM. February 2012

2. Swinging brings this sweet toddler just as many giggles now as it did his very first time. These moments make my heart so happy. February 2012

3. First haircut. March 2012

4. First Birthday. Not sure how this moment has come and gone so quickly. And now, we're preparing for Jackson's second birthday!! May 2012{photo}

5. We spent many moments this year at the farm watching Brandon fish. I love that we have the opportunity to share my family's farm with Jackson and that he too can have memories of time here. April 2012

6. Sometimes, motherhood is about the mess and learning to embrace it. March 2012

7. Brothers coming together is a great thing. End of story. May 2012

8. These two are my whole heart. We've grown so much as a family this year. It's safe to say my cup runneth over. May 2012

9. Refreshing joy of an innocent child. Also, a humbling reminder of sweet South Carolina summers. June 2012

10. Summer may be his favorite season. July 2012

11. Through laughter, life has been found in this year's grief. October 2012

12. Motherhood is the greatest blessing I'll ever know. November 2012


  1. Gorgeous pics, looks like it was a good year minus the sad losses you've had.

  2. I absolutely love this post! What amazing memories. I love his face in the first haircut photo!

  3. beautiful pics. following you from the GFC hop. What kind of camera do you use?

  4. What a beautiful family! You take great photos too!

    I found your blog via the GFC Blog Hop and am so glad I did. It's always a treat to read about the life and adventures of other moms!


  5. Great Photos! Im visiting from the Vintage mom guest post. Stop by sometime! (PS - Im hosting a giveaway right now for a free shirt here - {giveaway}

    Thanks for the look into your beautiful life!

  6. oh my goodness! look how much your little man has changed in a year!!


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