What I Learned in Taking my Toddler to See Santa

1. Even if said Toddler has been roaming the house whispering "Ho,Ho" in that teeny deep voice of his, he will inevitably freeze when confronted with the big man.

2. I know for a fact the Santa we saw growing up was the real one and, ahem, much less creepy than this dude. The more I looked at this guy the more I questioned our visit to Santa.

Funnily enough, it's about the same reaction we got last year.


As we round out the last days before Christmas, I'm holding my family close and counting the many blessings this year has seen. I've surprised myself by enjoying a bit of time disconnected, which I'll continue to attempt in the days to come.

That being said, don't go running. I do have some sweet last minute Christmas recipes and crafts to share.