Monday, January 14, 2013

Can I Sub Out?

Pushed to our limits, Brandon and I found ourselves pleading to Sulli {grandma} for babysitter time this weekend. The thing of it is, we've been in dire need of extra babysitters often lately. Not because of a busy schedule, but because we just need time to refresh our sanity levels.

We're worn. Frazzled. Exhausted. Insert every other applicable synonym; that's us.

Between cutting 2-year old molars, a nightmare of sleep regressions and the onset of 2-year tantrums, we as parents find ourselves at a loss. Days are spent working our tushes off to pay bills, then we're welcomed home by a toddler who both wants to be attached to our leg but not have us in the same room. Which, FYI, none of us have figured out how to make happen yet. 

The #1 word in our house is currently no. From both the wild toddler and sleep deprived parents, we all seem to be set on repeat.  So? We started time-out last weekend, and my heart may have shattered to a million pieces in those 60 seconds. 

And then? Then there's the sleep regression. The blood curling screams. The far too early mornings which really still fall in the "nigh nigh" category. Jackson's days of wanting to sit in bed with mommy and daddy are gone. That sure went quickly

Officially one week shy of being 22 months old, it's safe to say the real two-year tantrum tendencies have arrived. And, well, it's more challenging than expected. 

To pile onto our already overloaded plates, we each seem to be getting a case of the sickies. Curse! 

Brandon looked to me the other night, lost in parenthood, and asked me, how? how do we do this? In that moment. All I could think was that silly little engine's mantra. 

I think I can. 
I think I can. 
I think I can.

It's in these cycles we question ourselves the most as parents. Are we doing this right? How could we do this with two? Are we insane for thinking we can add another to our brood next year? In this moment, at this juncture we'd be crazy. Hell all I want in the world right now is the largest stock of white wine known to man and just one whole week to sleep past 5 a.m.

But If there's anything I've learned in parenting thus far though is this too shall pass and those moments of joy will rise above. These weeks take more faith, more fight, more forgiveness and more love. 

No matter the strife of our days, each night when I lay my head to rest I know we're blessed. 
He's our miracle and I'll never forget that.

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  1. Jeff and I are going through the same thing with our almost 28 month old daughter Leila. It was a very trying weekend and we found ourselves at eachother's throats :( It sucks, but as we all know, we are not alone in this. And like you said, this too shall pass. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know what you mean girl...hang in there...I know it's hard and you are thinking what the heck am I doing? I'll be praying for you guys!

  3. Yep. Nothing like a toddler to cure your baby fever. Hang in ther friend -- I know you'll get through this. One day, faster than we think, our babies will be heading of to prom and we'll be asking each other where did the time go? In the meanwhile, keep the white wine handy, get yourself some ambien and go to sleep at 8:30 for a few nights!

    Praying for you girlie!

  4. It's definitely tough and like Sarah said--goes so fast! I think it's important that you guys know that you need a break and get to take one. I have to personally work on that and ask J to step in and me to walk away. I sometimes want to play superwoman which leaves me just a mess as things explode!

  5. I've come to the conclusion that it's normal, and ok, and necessary to take a break. With 2 under 4 (and the 3rd on his or her way), my brain needs my kids to spend that extra hour after work at Grammy's house, I need to have dinner at my parents' house once a week with them entertaining the kids while I veg on their couch for 30 minutes, and sometimes, Mommy has to put herself in a 5 minute timeout. The recharge is a necessity. And yup, the parenting mantra should be that "this too shall pass." (I sometimes listen to the OK Go song of the same name when I'm in my timeout.)

  6. Um, so we definitely went through this phase. It was horrific so I feel your pain. I do feel like we may (knock on wood) be coming out on the other side though. He does still wake up at the crack of dawn (5:15) but he finally started sleeping through the night and staying in his big boy bed. We also went through the major disciplining phase which sucked, but we are slowly finding our groove. I've learned the key is to be calm. Much easier said than done I know. I know. Hang in there.

  7. I totally get it.. Parenting IS hard. But I've learned there is no "when it gets easier." I've spent a lot of time thinking "Oh, when we're past this stage it'll be easier." or "When we have more money it'll be easier." or "When we're home more it'll be easier." and I've realized that this is life. Right here. Right now. And there's always going to be something. There is no perfect time to have more kids, you just have to do life and keep moving on. Way to go for taking care of yourselves though and getting some alone time. Grandma's are the best!

  8. Seriously, it's not just your kid. Promise. At 22ish months, E was a nightmare. I wanted to quit. For real. The good thing is, about 2 1/2, it gets SO much better. In the mean time, take as many nights away as you need and drink a few extra glasses of wine.


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