Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finding The Thankfulness

For far too long I went to God with the why me, why now prayers. This was at a time I was leaving work in tears as my workplace environment was crumbling. It took me many days of tears to work up the courage to put myself out there professionally.

And now, I find myself going to work each day intrigued by the day's prospects. Sure I'm living on coffee, sure I spent nine hours yesterday tacking down a six-year-old letter and dealt with people losing their minds but I was respected by my bosses each and every second of the day.

Not long after starting this job, a friend shared a devotional with me and I realized that going to God with the why me's wasn't going to cut it. I wasn't going to get anywhere praying in that manner.

I've learned, no matter the circumstance, find the thankfulness in every moment. Then, take that thankfulness back to Him. The rewards of this thankfulness are abundant; this is certain. 

So, today when that person who I've left five messages for still doesn't return my call, when the copier jams on page 255 of my project, when we inevitably run out of creamer in the morning, I'll be thankful for the intelligence to find a way around that woman who won't call me, a co-worker who is a pro at fixing the copier, and some hidden creamer in the back of the fridge.

I'll be thankful

Take a little moment today, one of those not-good ones, and find the thankful. I promise it's there.


  1. What a great reminder when we're having bad days!

  2. Great reminder and encouragement!!

  3. That's my 2nd favorite piece of Scripture: be thankful for EVERYTHING. It's so so hard, but I cling to that Scripture in my desperate times.

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