Hibernation at The 510

The first bit of winter has not-so-briskly entered South Carolina, Christmas is almost completely put away, toys are strewn across every inch of our home, Toddler laughter trails the hallways and a tired mommy and daddy attempt to grab an extra hour of rest in bed while watching Blue's Clues.

Thankfully, among many other loving things, Jackson is in a snuggle mode. Perhaps its the teething, perhaps it's the weather, or the sweet holiday time we've spent together lately, whatever it may be it's exhaustingly blissful.

In past months, we've basically had to give our child candy bribe him to stay home for a "rest" day, but the last couple weeks he's been singing a different tune. I guess all those bribes have finally worked. So here we've been. Holed up.

Hidden away on our cul-de-sac, I'm watching my baby become a little boy. Many moments in the day, I see Jackson do or say something that I feel the need to document. Yet, I sit down to type it out and those tiny things have faded and all I can remember is the love. This doesn't say much for my short term memory at age 25, but it certainly speaks volumes as to the bounding love within our walls.

This love, does not come without hardships, of course. And some time venting outside. Pair teething with sleep regression and you'll drive any overworked, over-Holidayed parent to an extra glass of red before calling it a night.

Extra Toddler hugs help, too. The many smooches Jackson gives away don't hurt either. Hearing new words sprout from his mouth each day has us grinning from ear to ear. Truly, his vocabulary is out of control as of this week!

And then it hits me, how are we here already? 2013. For real. January 2013. The year marks seven years since Brandon and I met. Five years of marriage. And now, we're just two months shy of our baby's second birthday.

The hibernation has been such a nice break from reality. If only it'd last longer.

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