The Last Time I Was Single

2,553 Days ago an unsuspecting me left Tuscaloosa to meet friends in Nashville for a long weekend. We'd made absolutely no plans for the weekend except to be complete gypsies.

These were the days where every minute need not be planned to a T and living out of my car consisted of a "daytime outfit" and a "going out ensemble" rather than "if he has a blow-out outfit" and "if I get too much snot on me outfit."

That weekend, I disconnected from my life and allowed myself to be free.

2,554 days ago I went to my friend's childhood church in Nashville and met people from her past. Smiling and nodding as I fought a nasty hangover, I heard my friend finding us some party plans for the evening, at church nonetheless.

2,555 days ago my friend dragged me to the other side of Middle Tennessee to a tiny farm house. My feet hardly entered the house before I heard an acoustic guitar and voice which spoke to my soul. In that moment, that house latched onto me, the people in that house became my life.

That night, my friend was reunited with the boy who'd been her best friend when she was just a pre-teen. That boy, would just so happen to become my husband.

It's hard to believe all those days have passed. I can still hear the band playing until early morning and smell the fresh Tennessee dew on the farm as if it were outside our window now.

Seven years ago a boy and girl met not knowing their lives were finally in line. That one weekend was all it took.

Now you know why this is my favorite week of the entire year.

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