Year in Review

As I soaked up the last few days of 2012, I couldn't help but find tears swelling in my eyes many times. The word I kept landing on to describe 2012 is bittersweet.

The year was filled with daily blessings. Little pieces of love, encouragement and strength gained as a family trickled into our routines. A bit of a quarter-life crisis hit me, but I looked around to find my family in a good place, a blessed place.

A few real firsts were had during holidays like dressing up for Halloween, enjoying past traditions of Christmas and beginning others like the North Pole Breakfast. I passed the torch of traditions from parent to baby often this year.

As a southern girl, my life revolved around tradition and each year it's a goal of mine to see this within our family as well. Some attempts at following and creating traditions in 2012 were failures and some successes, but each was a memory we'll cherish. 

It's a bit surreal seeing moments you've dreamt of come to fruition. 

Motherly expectations were assessed and evaluated as typically unrealistic. The reality of motherhood, though, is sweeter and more trying than any expectation. I've come to the conclusion, it's the greatest blessing I will ever know and for this, I am thankful.

In the bustle of life, we managed to hang onto the little moments. Grasping these happy flashes of life are key in reminding the heart what we're working towards each day. For us, it's the laughter of our Toddler.

Reflecting on our second year of parenting is a funny thing. Everyday memories became the most precious, beloved moments of all. It's those moments that impact the heart most in a fleeting second.

Our hearts grew whole as a family of three in 2012.

But this year was not without heartache. We've learned first-hand why appreciating these little moments matter, and fought hard for faith after tragically losing our friend Jimmy in May.

I thought I'd wrap up 2012, with thoughts on his Arlington Memorial and leave that piece of broken heart with last year. But it's not time. Our broken hearts are not ready for that next stage. So, for now, cards remain on the fridge, regular messages of love and support are shared, friends gather to remember and we keep Jimmy close to our hearts as we enter 2013.

My prayer each day is to take the motivation, love and light Jimmy passed on to us and carry it through in our actions. We were never left uninspired from Jimmy and that's how I'd like to say we're entering this year. Inspired.