Prioritizing Our Pets

Long before Jackson was even a blip on our radar, there was Millie. A sweet boxer-lab mix pup who we welcomed to the family in April of 2007.

This little girl was the first thing that really made Brandon and I an us. She was the first thing we decided to do together as a couple. She was a real commitment, not just to one another but to another actual living, breathing being.

I still remember the pitter-patter of my heart when we decided to get our first dog. After months of searching and debating breeds, I found Millie's litter on Craigslist, abandoned and in need of a home. Armed with her first round of shots and ready to be picked up immediately, my jaw dropped when I saw her asking price was just $25! The many breeds I researched were hundreds of dollars. Hundreds! This certainly suited our college-student budget much better, and to top it off she was more beautiful than any full-bred I'd seen yet.

One little email to Brandon and he was in love with her; I knew he would be. In the next couple days, Brandon had Millie at his house waiting for me to arrive in Tennessee to celebrate our one year anniversary; she was just eight weeks old.

Hard to believe she turned six last week.

Hell, it's hard to imagine life before her, or any life without her.

One of my biggest concerns over the last couple of years has been her adjustment to having a baby in our house, ahem, her house. You see, despite her 70 pound stature, this dog thinks she's as small as her toy schnauzer cohort, as loyal as they come and protective to the nth degree over those welcomed into our home.

Its taken time and dedication from Brandon and I, but her relationship with Jackson is growing each day. There's no lack of love coming her way from Jackson; however, she has been hesitant about the screaming, running, mess of a child we brought into her home.

Lately, though, she's let him hug her, pat her, and even grab her tail. Bless this dog! I hope, even in the bustle of our parenting days, she still sees the love we have for her.

Here's to six marvelous years, Millie. May you ever be a part of our family as I can't imagine a single day without you. 

Kid-Friendly St. Patrick's Day Ideas

I was raised in a city which hosts one of our nation's largest St. Patrick's Day celebrations. We don't necessarily have a large Irish community, but for whatever reason my city goes all out for St. Patrick's Day. This means everyone has begun counting down the days until they can adorn themselves in green, head to 5 Points and drink themselves Irish. I, however, can't quite partake in this celebration anymore. You know, with a kid and all.

In lieu of green beer, I'm brainstorming a variety of recipes and crafts every mama and toddler will love.

We'll be testing a few of these in the 510 house in preparations for St. Patty's day.
I'd love to know if you give any a try!

 Leprechaun Granola from Munchkin Munchies 

Lucky Rainbow Jello from Glorious Treats

Hand-Print 4 Leaf Clover from Meet the Dubiens

 Green and White Bundt Cake from Love From the Oven

Shamrock Snack from Sun Scholars

Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Tub from No Time For Flashcards 

Loopy Rainbow from One Artsy Mama

 Leprechaun Hat S'mores from Hostess with the Mostess

Happy St. Patty's planning!!

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Toddler Tantrum Distraction Must-Haves

There's that moment after the discipline has been done and the crocodile tears have been shed when a toddler's tantrum truly begins to wind down. It's an anxiety-filled moment in which your toddler may full well jump back into tantrum mode if not quickly distracted.

In order to keep said toddler on the path to happiness you're going to need a myriad of distractions close at hand. As a mama to an overly-emotional toddler, let me tell you, there's nothing worse than losing them back to the tantrum once you've seen the light.

To keep peace in our house, I have a set of go-to items to keep tantrums at bay and the toddler happily playing.

1. Light-Up & Sing-Along Toys: The Elmo Count Along Crayon Toy does not leave Jackson's backpack. He loves counting with Elmo, singing the counting song and learning the colors. This toy has saved me in the midst of many public tantrums.

2. Coloring Books & Crayons: Go to the dollar section of Target or the Dollar Store to supply this budget-friendly toddler entertainer. This is the perfect age for tapping into your child's creative side; take advantage!

3. Books: Whatever your book choice, just make sure to have plenty. Many times I read one line of a book and Jackson is ready to move on. I've found though, this doesn't mean he's done reading, he just wants another book. (pictured: Llama Llama Time to Share)

4. iPad and iPhone Apps: There's no shortage of app options, so start downloading and see what your toddler takes to. Some of Jackson's favorites apps are Chuggington, Elmo Calls and PBS Kids. Visit Fried Pink Tomato to see Jaime's suggested toddler apps.

5. Outside: Weather permitting, this will end a tantrum in a split second. My toddler loves nothing more than being outside, and if I was a betting mama I'd say yours is probably the same. One of our favorite outdoor items is the sand table Jackson received for Christmas. I highly suggest investing in one!

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Toddler Bed Transition: Round 2

If you're following me on Instagram {and why wouldn't you?} then you saw the revival of the infamous toddler bed last weekend. I was hesitant to allow this change. Ok, fine, I was terrified but Brandon thinks its time for another go.

You may recall our first attempt at the toddler bed ended with Brandon drilling the crib back together at 4 a.m. one morning as Jackson and I both sat back crying crocodile tears.

Well, after four nights of no-fuss bedtimes I mentally begin drafting a victory post in regards to the toddler bed transition. Then it happened; we hit a wall. And now, I'm coming to you hat in hand pleading for mommy advice.

Last night, we went through our usual routine, went to put Jackson to sleep and ended up fighting bloodcurdling screams and demands to go to mommy and daddy's room for a good hour. He treated his entire room with complete disdain and wanted no part of being near it.

I finally gave in, letting J sleep in our bed.

Any parent who's ever let their child share the bed knows how this really ends....

I'd like tonight to involve far fewer roundhouse kicks to the face. In fact, none would be ideal.

I've analyzed Jackson's room over and over since last night and literally nothing is different, aside from the toddler bed. He has (knock on wood) not shown signs of having an ear infection, which is usually his only sleep deterrent. He's done so well this week, I know we need to stay strong with the toddler bed.

Caving in again tonight is not an option.

So share with me mamas, how do I get my toddler back in his bed?!

I want to be selfish, some days.

Ridden with baby fever for almost a year, I've focused far too much on our plans to announce an addition to the family in the next eight months. As Facebook produces baby announcement after baby announcement, Brandon looks to me knowing that I'm dying to give Jackson a sibling. But the time isn't right for us.

I know this; I get it. And I'm not going to jump into any irrational decisions for our family, but I've been longing to give Jackson the start of a brotherly relationship. That is, until the last few days.

The smallest scene from a movie, the nonchalant comment from my mom, far too many thoughts swirling in my head are leading my heart in a different direction this week.

My greatest flaw, I once was informed, is that I care too much for others, that I prioritize those around me too much. Many times through life I've reflected on this observation of my personality. And again, I find myself stuck on these words.

A balance of selfishness is necessary in life; I've learned this over the last nine years. And you know what? I really do want to be selfish, some days.

I want to give my son, my husband and myself the blessings I've seen so far in life.

I want Jackson to go to summer camp for weeks at a time. I want him to know the smell of the Blue Ridge, the mist of a waterfall and the grace of a sunrise over Pretty Place. I want him to have his pick of colleges, whether they be in-state or out.

I want to kiss Brandon under the Eiffel Tower. I want to take him to my favorite restaurant in Seville, Spain and show him the remnants of my heritage in Scotland. I want to have the ability to focus on us, our love and our marriage.

I want to take the trip to Italy my best friend and I have talked of since our teen years. I want to travel the backroads of Tuscany, get lost on the coast and drink far too much wine as we see through a childhood dream.

I want to go to law school. I swear if my boss gives one more inspirational speech on young attorneys and law students, he's going to lose me sooner rather than later.

I want to live, love, laugh and afford the joys I've grown accustom to in this life.

Reality hits quickly post-graduation with job searches, endless bills and expensive lifestyles. Hell, no matter your lifestyle, it's expensive! I worry that if we were to add to our family, we wouldn't be able to provide these many dreams for ourselves and for Jackson.

And then, I find myself thinking about how full my heart is these days.

Perhaps this is it. Perhaps we're meant to be a family of three. I've been blessed with an amazing little boy, one whom despite all medical odds is a shining little miracle.

I guess, I'm at another crossroad where I just need to let go and trust in His plan for our family.

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So What...

That Monday crashed and burned with an awful ending to the day. I found myself waking up in the same tears that put me to sleep.

That Tuesday started a bit dismal but my best friend turned the day around when she shared some news we've all anxiously been awaiting....she's moving back to AMERICA!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

That what you can't currently see, is me doing cartwheels around the house out of sheer excitement over the above statement.

That my to-do list never actually seems to get shorter. Isn't it funny like that?

That I've been determined to schedule out more content, but keep finding myself stuck on Pinterest. Are you following me there? You really should be; I pin some great tips, tricks and recipes :)

That my heart is back and forth on this whole having another kid thing. More on this tomorrow.

That I'm endlessly worried over a case we're handling at work. It has officially been scheduled to be argued in front of the US Supreme Court. Yes, for real.

That I'd give just about anything for a weekend away with Brandon right now.

That life has been too real this week. In fact, I'm still a bit numb.

That I've been finding solace in sarcasm.
Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Putting that all out there really does make it feel better!

What are you saying So What to this week? Join in the fun on Shannon's blog!

Bacon & Tatertot Casserole

Most nights I enter our kitchen in a complete frenzy. Toddler hanging on one leg, two dogs scratching at the door, a husband trying to wrap up a few business calls and then there's dinner to be cooked. 

My goal each night is to prepare dinner in 20-30 minutes. Prep, cook and serve. This task, my friends, is not simple but it's one that my life currently demands. Or, at least according to my toddler dinner should be promptly served at 6:00 p.m. or the chants of "EAT, EAT, EAT" will begin chiming and you'll look to see that kid scaling the dining room chairs. Yeah, 30 minutes it is. 

We've been testing recipes at the 510 residence for a couple months now and I'm happy to report our menu planning catalog is coming together. One of the recipes added to the rotation is a Bacon & Tatertot Casserole.

This dish can be added with the best of your comfort recipes. You know, the ones you stow away for that indulgent craving. Pairing this casserole with a good pork loin and fresh green beans is typically when this side dish hits our kitchen.

And let me just say, subbing out the tots for some french fries would flip your world upside down.
Try it. Enjoy it. Pin it.

Bacon & Tatertot Casserole

1 bag frozen tatertots

1/2 cup ranch dressing
1/4 cup milk
1 cup sour cream

bacon (chopped)
1 (or 2) cups shredded cheddar cheese
salt and pepper to taste

1. Bake tatertots per the package directions.
2. Mix ranch, sour cream, and milk together. Then spread a light layer across the bottom of your pan (9x13).
3. Add a layer of tatertots, cheese and bacon to the pan. Repeat.
4. Top casserole with one last sprinkling of sauce, cheese and bacon. Place in oven on broil for a few  minutes until cheese is melted. Serve warm.

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Gallery Wall & Vintage Sunshine Giveaway

The thing about gallery walls? I find them intimidating.
The thing about me? I'm utterly indecisive.

Despite the above statements,  I received a gaggle of picture frames for my birthday {in October} to create my vision for our master bedroom. After four months of staring at these frames, they've finally found a home on my very first gallery wall.

What I learned in the process of creating my wall is that a ton of frames can get a bit streamline. Mixing up what's in your frames and on your wall is necessary, people! As a lover of all things printables, this was my first go-to.

I found this lovely {and free} printable from Landee See, Landee Do. A perfect beginning balance out the wall.

When introduced to Alyson's shop, Vintage Sunshine, I knew immediately that her State Hoop needed to be added to our gallery wall! The trend of hoops has slowly grown on me. At first, I was unsure, but the more I've seen their versatility, the more I loved them!

For example, Vintage Sunshine's State Hoops.

We've been living in South Carolina for several years now, and whether Brandon says it or not I know he misses Tennessee every day. In my quest to make our house a home I plan to have bits of Tennessee keepsakes around.

The state hoop was a perfect addition to my collection for the master bedroom. I may just have to get a South Carolina one for some symmetry!

Now, is your chance to win a State Hoop for your home!

Be sure to keep up with Alyson on her shop, blog, Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
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I'm Hard to Love

My love is guarded.
Often, it's understated, impatient, stubborn and raw.
My love is tinged with regret and not without flaws. 

My love is also forgiving. It is faithful and fortunate and humbled.

We're six months away from our five-year wedding anniversary and my heart couldn't be happier as I brace myself for what I'm sure will be a sprint to this milestone. An unintentional sprint, but a sprint nonetheless. That's just how time is now that parenthood and adult duties reign our life.

As I watch our calendar for the year fill up with anticipated events, I know these moments will fly by and in so much as a blink we'll be at the doorstep of a new chapter. Hell, every day lately seems like a new chapter.

Some days left is right, up is down and green is blue. Some days words don't make sense, hours don't exist and time isn't kind. Some days I look to God with the smallest shred of strength left in me and then I turn to you, my valentine.

I'm thankful for you in ways I could never say or write.
The words could never compare to the actual abundance of love.

love quotes
Happy Valentine's Day.

One Grace Place Review & GIveaway

Welcome to the next Giveaway in the Celebrating the New Year Event, brought to you by me {It's a Vol!} and Erin {The View from 510}! 

Do you ever get frustrated with the choices for kids bedding these days? I know I do. Oh goody! More Dora. More princesses. More Cars. More Spiderman.

So you're stuck with plain and boring or covered in cartoon characters. Um no. This will not work for this momma!

Enter One Grace Place a company specializing in cute yet stylish bedding for your little ones! Their affordable bedding sets come in infant and youth options and all have available coordinating accessories as well.

The folks over at One Grace Place sent an awesomely soft quilt and toy bag for Evie to try out! Evie was instantly smitten with the quilt and started cheering for her new "wookie" as soon as she saw it! She loves to sit on the couch with this wookie in her lap and watch Diego. I like that it is sturdily made but still really super soft.

The toy bag is a great addition to Evie's play room. It helps us get toys up off the floor and also helps cycle Evie's stuffed animals (she has a lot and she loves them all) so that she doesn't get bored. I love the bright colors and the quality of the stitching and fabric.

How can you get your hands on a super soft quilt or bedding set?

BUY: Visit One Grace Place to shop all of their awesome bedding sets and accessories!

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Mommy-Brain Mixer


Welcome to the Mommy-Brain Mixer! I'm so happy to be co-hosting this week! Let's face it, it's fun to share stories about motherhood and our littles. As mamas, we understand one another. At the Mommy-Brain Mixer, we invite you to share about anything and everything motherhood or little people related. Be sure to visit one another. The mixer is all about building community between moms. This is a perfect place to find great blogs to follow, make wonderful new blog friends, and enjoy entertaining reads!

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Challenging Myself to Church

Week after week I tell Brandon we're going to go to church, and week after week we find some reason not to. Honestly, it's become a vicious cycle. Now here we are, almost another year of marriage and parenthood under our belts, and our family still has no church home. 

After comforting my sister-in-law in some church-related relationship woes last week, I knew I needed to take my own words of encouragement and run with them.

So, I sat down and did actual research on churches in our area. My browser kept finding its way back to a specific church, a church Brandon and I seem to come back to often in conversation. The message shared on their website seemed to be a nice blend of both Brandon and my beliefs. 

I won't lie, though, I'm weary. A bit anxious, really. Each Saturday night I'm mentally prepared for us to head to church the next morning but when Sunday rolls around the idea of being the new family in the back, you know, the ones with a potentially screaming toddler. This thought irks me to the core, and I find myself backing out month after month. 

Well, no more

There's no better time than the beginning of our Lent season to challenge myself and my family to build on our relationship with God. Growing up, I often dedicated Lent to giving up Diet Coke. However, over the last few years I've taken this time to get back to God. 

And, this year, I'm going to see our family gets back to God, gets back to church and attempts to find a Christian community for us to join in our city. 

Have you ever been the new family at church? I'd so appreciate your thoughts and experiences shared in the comments!

Happy Heart Nursery Sensory Cube Review & Giveaway

Ashley first learned to sew from her mom and after years of being told she should sell her work, she's taken a leap with Happy Heart, an etsy shop. From diaper bags to coffee sleeves, purses to owl pillows, Happy Heart features a variety of handmade pieces.

When our Nursery Rhyme Sensory Cube arrived last week I couldn't contain my smile. Not only were they double the size I expected, the fabric was just adorable! 

When these plush blocks arrived I started rolling them around to get a good read of nursery rhymes. Jackson, however, gets stuck on the duck each and every time the block rolls by. 

Next thing I know he's running around hollering, quack-quack! That is, before he sprints for the block, tosses it in bed and uses it as a new pillow. My hopes are that this time next year, Jackson will be planning to hand this nursery block over to Baby 2. For now, it's joining the ranks of his favorite toys that live in his crib. 

Yep, this is a toy that'll have a nice long life-span with the ability to suit both infants and toddlers. 

Win: $25 Gift Card and FREE over-night shipping from Happy Heart!
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Bella Bare Wear Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the next Giveaway in the Celebrating the New Year Event, brought to you by {It's a Vol!} and me Erin {The View from 510}! Sarah is here today to share our first giveaway of the week! Expect to see a few more this week to round-out our giveaway event!

Picture this: It's July, you are hot and sweaty, your little girl is hot and sweaty, she's covered in sand and sunscreen, wanting a snack and soaking wet from a quick dip in the ocean. Then you hear it. The quick kerplop of a newly soiled diaper.

Great. Grumble Grumble. Snap at your husband while you both attempt to peel your daughter out of a skin tight wet swim suit. Finally yank suit off, strap a new diaper on your little one and look at the weg saggy suit in bewilderment. Consider how much easier it would be to have a boy at times like these. Attempt to squeeze your daughter back into her bathing suit. Cue tears. Cue meltdown. Sigh in defeat.

Sound familiar? If you've got a little girl I am sure it does. This is us a the beach each year and, more importantly, the lake each weekend in the Summer. And changing a swim diaper on a boat is no easy task either, you might be minus the sand, but you are also a 20 minute boat ride back to the marina, a 30 minute pack up and 10 minute car ride away from home too. That is not a picnic.

So, girl moms (and aunts and grandmas and uncles and dads etc) prepare to have your mind blown by Bella Bare Wear, a company whose primary focus is functional and adorable swim suits for little girls with (and are you read for this) snaps in the crotch. Seriously? If there was ever a product that desereved a Pinterest worthy BRILLIANT or GENIUS, this is the one.

{Ruffly Butts Are So Cute!}

Bella Bare Wear was founded by WAHM Ashley after she become increasingly frustrated with hard to manage traditional bathing suits! Bella Bare Wear features the following:
  • Three snap crotch for easy diaper changes and bathroom trips
  • Sizes include 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, 2T, 3T and 4T 
  • Deluxe Tricot 4-way stretch fabric that will stretch to fit your little one all summer long
  • UPF 50+ fabric to protect your little ones skin from all those harmful rays
  • White lining throughout for the softest feel against your babies skin

No more dangling baby girl by her arms while you try to strip her wet suit off. No more trying to squeeze her back into her suit after a diaper change and the resulting tears. No. Simply lay your daghter down on a towel, un-snap the crotch and voila! Easy swim suit diaper changes! And for your girlmoms who are lucky enough to have your girls potty trained -- think of how much easier your trip to the pool, beach or lake will be when you don't have to wiggle your daughter's bathing suit on and off each time she has to pee?

{Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy}

Best of all you can get one of your own!

BUY: Bella Bare Wear is currently on kickstarter and hoping to get 100% funded in the next ten days! They are also offering huge discounts to help them get funded!

WIN: Bella Bare Wear is offering one of my lucky readers a chance to win a suit for a lucky little lady!

HOW TO WIN: This is a rafflecopter giveaway. The first two entries are mandatory. Once you complete the first two entries the form will unlock more entries. While the remaining entries are not mandatory I highly suggest you complete as many as possible to maximize your chances of winning! GOOD LUCK!  

Two Ingredient Strawberry Fudge

Fudge is something that continually intimidates me. That is, until I ran across Cookie and Cups handful of fudge recipes a few weeks ago. If you're a fudge lover, I recommend sifting through her site. This will be one of several fudge recipes we'll be testing around the 510 household!

I'd like to say this sweet is semi-homemade, but really there's not even that much too it. Two ingredients, that's all it'll take. Who knows, some of you may not even need to leave the house in order to make this for your valentine.

Now, onto the good stuff!

Strawberry Fudge
recipe via Cookie and Cups

1 16 oz. can strawberry frosting
1 12 oz. bag white chocolate chips


Melt the bag of chocolate chips. I prefer to do mine in the microwave, just be sure not to over-heat them. Mix the melted chocolate chips and strawberry fudge until smooth. Pour the mixture into a 9x9 pan covered with wax paper (or baking spray). Put in the refrigerator to set. Once set, cut and serve.

Use a cookie cutter for holiday-themed fudge and grab a glass of milk!

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Caught Up In The Words

With one little I luh you mommy, I luh you daddy I completely melted into a mama puddle. And now, he's basically set on repeat.

I'll tell you, this kid's vocabulary is more adorable than I could've imagined.

However, I'm still waiting for the horrid moment a four letter word exits his mouth.

Well, you know, aside from cock a.k.a sock.
Thankfully? We live in Gamecock Country; so, he's going as an undercover USC fan for now.

See also: this kid is a rockin' crafter! check out our heart stamp tutorial.

Sponsor Love: February Promo

A little about The View From 510 as of January 2013:
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Avg. Monthly Views: 8,000+ 

The Stuff That Really Matters:
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Truth of the matter is the readership I've created here and in social media outlets are the first people I go to for many decisions in my day-to-day life. And, I like to give that back to our readers. 

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Have questions about post specific sponsorships and other sponsorship opportunities
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Heart Stamps: A Valentine's Day Toddler Craft

Confession: I've been stockpiling toilet paper rolls waiting for a perfect craft tutorial. This stockpiling has been happening since well before January, and luckily for my husband's sanity, I finally found an inspired craft paired with adequate toddler timing.

The thing you need to know about crafting in our house is that my husband is a better crafter than I am. While I've resolved to be more adamant to create crafts with Jackson, I know most of these plans will involve Brandon's assistance.

So, to all you not-so-crafty mamas out there, and even to you crafty mamas, here's a Valentine craft from me to you:

2 (or 3) Toilet Paper Rolls
White Construction Paper
Toddler-Friendly Red Paint

Bend the toilet paper roll into the shape of a heart, dab it in some paint and hand it over!

I've seen some suggestions to hold it in place with a small piece of scotch tape, but really it's not necessary. Your toddler is going to smush that heart however he pleases the second it's handed over. Hint, hint: have a few extra toilet paper rolls on hand.

We made six of these heart-stamped gifts in a matter of 10 minutes. This was a simple craft that Jackson had no problem doing himself at 22 months. Of course, we made a few heart-stamps ourselves for a little good measure.

It's official, the Valentine's Day countdown has begun at The View From 510.
Be sure you check out our favorite Valentine's Printables for the Home.

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Friday Letters: Closing Out The Week

Dear E-Cards, you made me literally laugh out loud today. I'm 99% certain my best friend made this card:

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Dear South Carolina weather, will you please decide on a consistent temperature range. I'm not even going to ask for a specific season. I'm a native; I get it. There is no real winter or spring in our state, and I've made peace with that. But for real, a girl needs to know which wardrobe to keep in rotation. 

Dear Jackson, we've decided on the time, location and theme for your 2nd Birthday! 

Dear Puppy Themed Party, you are more challenging than I expected. See also: planning a joint, gender-neutral party mandates creativity.

Dear Pinterest, thank you for facilitating my birthday planning prospects. Be sure you're following us on Pinterest!

Dear awesome giveaways, there are so many of you{and ending soon}!

Dear Friday, as always, it's so good to see you. 

Dear Readers, whether you're seeing sunshine or snow, I hope you spend the weekend with the ones you love. 

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