Bella Bare Wear Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the next Giveaway in the Celebrating the New Year Event, brought to you by {It's a Vol!} and me Erin {The View from 510}! Sarah is here today to share our first giveaway of the week! Expect to see a few more this week to round-out our giveaway event!

Picture this: It's July, you are hot and sweaty, your little girl is hot and sweaty, she's covered in sand and sunscreen, wanting a snack and soaking wet from a quick dip in the ocean. Then you hear it. The quick kerplop of a newly soiled diaper.

Great. Grumble Grumble. Snap at your husband while you both attempt to peel your daughter out of a skin tight wet swim suit. Finally yank suit off, strap a new diaper on your little one and look at the weg saggy suit in bewilderment. Consider how much easier it would be to have a boy at times like these. Attempt to squeeze your daughter back into her bathing suit. Cue tears. Cue meltdown. Sigh in defeat.

Sound familiar? If you've got a little girl I am sure it does. This is us a the beach each year and, more importantly, the lake each weekend in the Summer. And changing a swim diaper on a boat is no easy task either, you might be minus the sand, but you are also a 20 minute boat ride back to the marina, a 30 minute pack up and 10 minute car ride away from home too. That is not a picnic.

So, girl moms (and aunts and grandmas and uncles and dads etc) prepare to have your mind blown by Bella Bare Wear, a company whose primary focus is functional and adorable swim suits for little girls with (and are you read for this) snaps in the crotch. Seriously? If there was ever a product that desereved a Pinterest worthy BRILLIANT or GENIUS, this is the one.

{Ruffly Butts Are So Cute!}

Bella Bare Wear was founded by WAHM Ashley after she become increasingly frustrated with hard to manage traditional bathing suits! Bella Bare Wear features the following:
  • Three snap crotch for easy diaper changes and bathroom trips
  • Sizes include 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, 2T, 3T and 4T 
  • Deluxe Tricot 4-way stretch fabric that will stretch to fit your little one all summer long
  • UPF 50+ fabric to protect your little ones skin from all those harmful rays
  • White lining throughout for the softest feel against your babies skin

No more dangling baby girl by her arms while you try to strip her wet suit off. No more trying to squeeze her back into her suit after a diaper change and the resulting tears. No. Simply lay your daghter down on a towel, un-snap the crotch and voila! Easy swim suit diaper changes! And for your girlmoms who are lucky enough to have your girls potty trained -- think of how much easier your trip to the pool, beach or lake will be when you don't have to wiggle your daughter's bathing suit on and off each time she has to pee?

{Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy}

Best of all you can get one of your own!

BUY: Bella Bare Wear is currently on kickstarter and hoping to get 100% funded in the next ten days! They are also offering huge discounts to help them get funded!

WIN: Bella Bare Wear is offering one of my lucky readers a chance to win a suit for a lucky little lady!

HOW TO WIN: This is a rafflecopter giveaway. The first two entries are mandatory. Once you complete the first two entries the form will unlock more entries. While the remaining entries are not mandatory I highly suggest you complete as many as possible to maximize your chances of winning! GOOD LUCK!