Caught Up In The Words

With one little I luh you mommy, I luh you daddy I completely melted into a mama puddle. And now, he's basically set on repeat.

I'll tell you, this kid's vocabulary is more adorable than I could've imagined.

However, I'm still waiting for the horrid moment a four letter word exits his mouth.

Well, you know, aside from cock a.k.a sock.
Thankfully? We live in Gamecock Country; so, he's going as an undercover USC fan for now.

See also: this kid is a rockin' crafter! check out our heart stamp tutorial.


  1. It is so sweet when they say I love you...melts my heart too!

  2. There are no better words than to hear your child/ren say that! I have been thinking I need to record my daughters little voice saying it to me so I can keep it forever.

  3. I love when they start showing affection like that! Braden has started randomly saying that too! ::swoon::

  4. Gamecock country here too! Oddly enough, we're teaching him how to raise his arms when we say Touchdown and I'm trying to get him to say "Go Cocks" but my hubby is a Tiger and he always shoots me a look. :)


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