Gallery Wall & Vintage Sunshine Giveaway

The thing about gallery walls? I find them intimidating.
The thing about me? I'm utterly indecisive.

Despite the above statements,  I received a gaggle of picture frames for my birthday {in October} to create my vision for our master bedroom. After four months of staring at these frames, they've finally found a home on my very first gallery wall.

What I learned in the process of creating my wall is that a ton of frames can get a bit streamline. Mixing up what's in your frames and on your wall is necessary, people! As a lover of all things printables, this was my first go-to.

I found this lovely {and free} printable from Landee See, Landee Do. A perfect beginning balance out the wall.

When introduced to Alyson's shop, Vintage Sunshine, I knew immediately that her State Hoop needed to be added to our gallery wall! The trend of hoops has slowly grown on me. At first, I was unsure, but the more I've seen their versatility, the more I loved them!

For example, Vintage Sunshine's State Hoops.

We've been living in South Carolina for several years now, and whether Brandon says it or not I know he misses Tennessee every day. In my quest to make our house a home I plan to have bits of Tennessee keepsakes around.

The state hoop was a perfect addition to my collection for the master bedroom. I may just have to get a South Carolina one for some symmetry!

Now, is your chance to win a State Hoop for your home!

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