Heart Stamps: A Valentine's Day Toddler Craft

Confession: I've been stockpiling toilet paper rolls waiting for a perfect craft tutorial. This stockpiling has been happening since well before January, and luckily for my husband's sanity, I finally found an inspired craft paired with adequate toddler timing.

The thing you need to know about crafting in our house is that my husband is a better crafter than I am. While I've resolved to be more adamant to create crafts with Jackson, I know most of these plans will involve Brandon's assistance.

So, to all you not-so-crafty mamas out there, and even to you crafty mamas, here's a Valentine craft from me to you:

2 (or 3) Toilet Paper Rolls
White Construction Paper
Toddler-Friendly Red Paint

Bend the toilet paper roll into the shape of a heart, dab it in some paint and hand it over!

I've seen some suggestions to hold it in place with a small piece of scotch tape, but really it's not necessary. Your toddler is going to smush that heart however he pleases the second it's handed over. Hint, hint: have a few extra toilet paper rolls on hand.

We made six of these heart-stamped gifts in a matter of 10 minutes. This was a simple craft that Jackson had no problem doing himself at 22 months. Of course, we made a few heart-stamps ourselves for a little good measure.

It's official, the Valentine's Day countdown has begun at The View From 510.
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