Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm Hard to Love

My love is guarded.
Often, it's understated, impatient, stubborn and raw.
My love is tinged with regret and not without flaws. 

My love is also forgiving. It is faithful and fortunate and humbled.

We're six months away from our five-year wedding anniversary and my heart couldn't be happier as I brace myself for what I'm sure will be a sprint to this milestone. An unintentional sprint, but a sprint nonetheless. That's just how time is now that parenthood and adult duties reign our life.

As I watch our calendar for the year fill up with anticipated events, I know these moments will fly by and in so much as a blink we'll be at the doorstep of a new chapter. Hell, every day lately seems like a new chapter.

Some days left is right, up is down and green is blue. Some days words don't make sense, hours don't exist and time isn't kind. Some days I look to God with the smallest shred of strength left in me and then I turn to you, my valentine.

I'm thankful for you in ways I could never say or write.
The words could never compare to the actual abundance of love.

love quotes
Happy Valentine's Day.


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