So What...

That Monday crashed and burned with an awful ending to the day. I found myself waking up in the same tears that put me to sleep.

That Tuesday started a bit dismal but my best friend turned the day around when she shared some news we've all anxiously been awaiting....she's moving back to AMERICA!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

That what you can't currently see, is me doing cartwheels around the house out of sheer excitement over the above statement.

That my to-do list never actually seems to get shorter. Isn't it funny like that?

That I've been determined to schedule out more content, but keep finding myself stuck on Pinterest. Are you following me there? You really should be; I pin some great tips, tricks and recipes :)

That my heart is back and forth on this whole having another kid thing. More on this tomorrow.

That I'm endlessly worried over a case we're handling at work. It has officially been scheduled to be argued in front of the US Supreme Court. Yes, for real.

That I'd give just about anything for a weekend away with Brandon right now.

That life has been too real this week. In fact, I'm still a bit numb.

That I've been finding solace in sarcasm.
Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Putting that all out there really does make it feel better!

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