Toddler Tantrum Distraction Must-Haves

There's that moment after the discipline has been done and the crocodile tears have been shed when a toddler's tantrum truly begins to wind down. It's an anxiety-filled moment in which your toddler may full well jump back into tantrum mode if not quickly distracted.

In order to keep said toddler on the path to happiness you're going to need a myriad of distractions close at hand. As a mama to an overly-emotional toddler, let me tell you, there's nothing worse than losing them back to the tantrum once you've seen the light.

To keep peace in our house, I have a set of go-to items to keep tantrums at bay and the toddler happily playing.

1. Light-Up & Sing-Along Toys: The Elmo Count Along Crayon Toy does not leave Jackson's backpack. He loves counting with Elmo, singing the counting song and learning the colors. This toy has saved me in the midst of many public tantrums.

2. Coloring Books & Crayons: Go to the dollar section of Target or the Dollar Store to supply this budget-friendly toddler entertainer. This is the perfect age for tapping into your child's creative side; take advantage!

3. Books: Whatever your book choice, just make sure to have plenty. Many times I read one line of a book and Jackson is ready to move on. I've found though, this doesn't mean he's done reading, he just wants another book. (pictured: Llama Llama Time to Share)

4. iPad and iPhone Apps: There's no shortage of app options, so start downloading and see what your toddler takes to. Some of Jackson's favorites apps are Chuggington, Elmo Calls and PBS Kids. Visit Fried Pink Tomato to see Jaime's suggested toddler apps.

5. Outside: Weather permitting, this will end a tantrum in a split second. My toddler loves nothing more than being outside, and if I was a betting mama I'd say yours is probably the same. One of our favorite outdoor items is the sand table Jackson received for Christmas. I highly suggest investing in one!

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